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Saw this image on another site with the title Avengers Arena. Marvel seems to want to cash in on the Hunger Games idea of teens fighting each other. Also the image pays homage to the Japanese film Battle Royale.
Teen heroes pitted againse each other in Arcades murderworld. One thing that irks me is that there is only one X-Men character there, X-23 and she seems to be forcible seperated from the X-Men by Marvel and given 
that Arcade is a old X-Men for why are none of the younger X-Men included here. Is this another example of Marvel using things from the X-Mens past to prop up an Avengers storyline? Is this a goog idea? What do you think?

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this is from the Survive promo...it features Arcade kidnapping 16 of Marvel's teen heroes and placing them in a Murderworld tournament to the death.,,,the characters will include....Avengers Academy vets Hazmat, Mettle, Reptil, Juston and his Sentinel and X-23; Chase and Nico from Runaways; Darkhawk; Cammi from Annihilation and new characters including the "Braddock Academy."

"Arcade has spent a lot of years building "Murder Worlds" that yield very few actual murders," Hopeless told Marvel.com "He's decided it’s time to get back a little self-respect. It’s time for a new kind of Murder World. Avengers Arena is about the unlucky kids he’s chosen to help him try it out. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can promise a lot of murder in this new Murder World."

"Murder World looks like the real world, but Arcade can't help himself, smoke and mirrors are in his blood," Walker said. "Nothing makes sense in this place, tropical beaches and arctic wilderness sit side by side, dry desert and lush forest overlap."

"These kids were chosen carefully and with specific story beats in mind," Hopeless continued. "We definitely plan on taking advantage of the broad personality spectrum we have in play. Even the characters [that] die off early make their mark on the story. I didn't throw anyone into the book as cannon fodder."

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Yea cause you know heroes being forced to fight for the amusement of others was completely invented by the Hunger Games, not one person has ever thought of doing that before Have they? Oh wait, those kinds of stories have existed for centuries, also it has happened many times in real life throughout history.

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I try to give everything the benefit of the doubt and not judge it from what I've seen of it until I've actually read it. But this really strikes me the wrong way. I'll skip over how I have no idea how this concept can be an ongoing series rather than just a storyarc, and instead just say that this seems like a microcosm of what is wrong with Marvel (and all comics to a larger extent) at the moment. It seems to me that Marvel thinks that the best way to bring in readers is with death, destruction, and just tormenting characters. It's one thing to have a big crossover each year where its a given that somebody is going to die, but now we're actually going to have an ongoing series where the entire concept behind it is "a character that some of you have grown attached to is going to die on a regular basis." It just strikes me as a message from Marvel saying "hey we know that this is what all of you like," and honestly that's not the case. I'm not saying you can't kill off characters, there are some great storylines out there that resulted in the death of characters, but to do this just because you think it will make a successful book is something of an insult to the fans of these characters. And given that Marvel has had a history recently of having trouble keeping the ratings up for books staring younger characters, this really seems to be what they're mindset was going into this idea. It is frustrating to think that they look at a book like Avenger's Academy, which was about a group of kids who were likely to turn into supervillains dealing with powers that were killing them, and they thought the problem with it was that it wasn't dark enough.

And just to finish off I'll say that maybe I'm alone on this, but I don't think all comics should be depressing. Not saying they should all be happiness and sunshine, but books like this just show the world getting so dark that I no longer feel the joy that I felt when I used to read comics. I'll just put it to everyone like this, the Avengers this summer was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in a movie theater and when I was in that audience everyone was cheering and applauding, and its not because they killed one character in there, its because it was heroes doing what we want to see heroes do and because it was uplifting.

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@obscurefan: Well the Romans kept up the concept of people fighting each other to the death for entertainment purposes for around 900 years so It has some precedent.

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the only problem I have is that I'm betting that they won't explain how Cammi got back to earth or what happened to her after Annihilation

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Okay maybe its a generational thing, you all know the hunger games didn't come up with the concept of gladiatorial combat right? I mean history class can't have gone that far down hill in the 13 years since I graduated high school.

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Also Marvel was doing this kind of thing back in the 80s/early 90s its kind of Mojo's whole gimmick

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@joshmightbe: you might as well get used to it now....there are going to be a TON of comments comparing this to Hunger Games....people love to yell "RIP OFF" whenever they can

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Sorry all...but there's an official thread on this now, policy dictates that that become the discussion thread.

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Great, killing of characters for amusement. Marvel you really are creatively redundant  

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