Avengers 2: Focus on their status as superheroes?

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One thing that I've adored in the Iron Man films (especially 3), is that whenever there was an opportunity, the writers took time to explore Stark's glory of being a superhero. Now by the time Avengers 2 releases, all our characters will already be established - I'd honestly like the film to explore certain events in the comics, such as certain characters moving into the Avengers Tower, being called on missions... Those are the kind of things that I generally miss in comics these days. Does anyone else think that they should try and get back to that? Hell, I won't care if they threw in an Avengers Assemble line, no matter how cheesy it would be.

(Had to cut this short, really late :P)

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Cool idea man! I'd love to see a cheesy scene with Cap and Iron Man in Avengers Tower,just talking. Suddenly there's an explosion outside. Tony's like:"That's our cue". I think that the Avengers membership cards could work onscreen aswell. A scene with all of the Avengers arriving from different places could be awesome.

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I kinda like the idea of a scene with Ironman trying to explain to Cap' and Thor what a superhero is, and pulling out an old Captain America comic book he got from his dad to do so..

Then Hawkeye wonders by, commenting,"hey, I read that. It wasn't very good.."

at which point we see that Bruce is in the room, and he replies with, "no. it was great."

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That's a pretty neat idea! It would have to be really early in the movie (or as a funny "after credits" scene) though. Considering Thanos will almost certainly be the villain, a scene that simple and fun doesn't seem like it would have a spot in the middle of all the crazy action that will happen.

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never understood why J-Whedon chose the 2 Avengers that had NO SuperPowers to put in the movie when he could’ve chosen them with Powers, it makes sense now to have QUICKSILVER because he is basically like THE FLASH of Marvel and SCARLET WITCH is Marvel’s answer to WONDER WOMAN, Avengers 2 will be very very exciting!

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@_i_am_thor_: Oh I don't know I thought Hawkeye had more value to the team his trick arrows being versatile makes up for no powers, Widow on the other hand I agree with. As to Scarlet Witch I thought of her as the Zatanna of the team.

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i totally agree with this, but i think they kinda choose a subject, villain, or happening and to focus on in the movies. but yeah while doing this they sacrifice the "we're superheroes" feeling.

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