Review: The Avengers #7

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I don't care what people say, I liked reading about Red Hulk. Now that he's basically come to terms with who he has become, it could be very interesting to see him interacting on a team...if he survives. 

The Good 

With the beginning of a new arc, we almost get a little breather after all the craziness of the Kang-Ultron Future war. We get to see mention of the disappearance of Attilan on Earth as well as a confrontation with Wonder Man and why he's so against the formation of the Avengers. It almost sounds like this could be a nice calm issue after all the crazy action in the first six issues except....the Infinity Gems are involved. A mysterious individual is seeking them out. You know that can't mean good news for the heroes. 

The Bad 

The last time we saw the Infinity Gems, they were under the care of the Illuminati. Because of their power and how dangerous they could be in the wrong hands, you would think they would be just a little harder to locate. Wonder Man is still acting like a jerk. I'm not faulting the issue for that but let's hope we find out what his deal is soon. There was a lot of hub bub about Red Hulk possibly joining the Avengers. We don't get to see a whole lot of him in this issue. We'll have to wait for issue #8. 

The Verdict - 3.5/5 

I've been enjoying the series and dynamic of the new team. It's nice to see a little bit of downtime as we prepare for the next big dose of craziness. It could be all the hype over Red Hulk being in the issue but I simply wanted more. I have been waiting for a year to see how he will interact in a team setting. With the return of the Infinity Gems...the Avengers are going to need all the help they can get.    
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While I don't really care for the books, I just wanted to say that Red Hulk on the cover of this looks great.  I like the way Romita Jr. draws him there, and the colors are well done also.  

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Looks cool. This is an excellent series overall so far.

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JRJr. strikes again. Look at that forearm (Among other things). Ugh.

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wow the guy who drew that has a similar style to tim sale (WHOM I LOVE) 

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the did not lke hoe red hulk came out of nowhere and fought the hood. 
the art is not good in this series and is a big turn off

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Glad a new arc has begun.

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The story could be great but, Romita makes me not able to pick up this series. 

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JRJR is okay guys...

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JRJR is an aquired taste.  I used to HATE the guy then when you at the pics you can almost the diagram in his work.  Plus no compares to fight coreography like him.  He draws the best fights in the business, and does a great job of punch for punch.  There isn't a character out there I can't see him drawing.  Love his style, but like I said, it's an aquired taste.  Then again aren't all artists? 
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JRJR gives the impression that anyone could draw if they just took the time to practice.
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@haydenclaireheroes said:
" The story could be great but, Romita makes me not able to pick up this series.  "
really?  I'm actually really enjoying the art- it's  a great compliment Bendis' superb storytelling
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@Theodore said:
" JRJR is okay guys... "
I'm not a fan of his work on Avengers at all to be honest. That's putting it nicely. I think the book deserves one of Marvel's best pencilers, especially if it supposed to be one of Marvel's main books.
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@N7_Normandy said:
"Bendis' superb storytelling"
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I read it, this was actually pretty good. A step up from the last arc.

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Haven't read this one yet, but flipping through it I was disappointed that Red Hulk looked like he was only on two pages-ish?  He basically was playing the Herald of Onslaught role that Juggernaut did which wasn't the level of game-changing Red Hulk interaction Bendis has been promising on the podcast circuit. 
I'll try to be patient as this was a set-up issue... but I might switch to reading this in trade, the last six-issue arc didn't really grab me as a periodical.

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I honestly didn't know that was The Hood at all until he started talking to himself and called himself "Mr. Robbins."  Isn't his hair supposed to be short and black?

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Im okay with Romita Jr. on this book because i cant see him doing any other book. It was an okay issue. NEW STORY ARC! IM READY!

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Check out my take. This was my least favourite issue of this series thus far, and I'm hoping issue #8 brings more to the story
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Which Simon would start acting like himself and not this jerk Bendis is writing.
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Terrible art from John Romita Jr.  
Terrible writing from Bendis. 
What more could you ask for?

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I love JRJR's art!
What your problem with it?
I'm mostly tired of all the X-Men-books looking the same generic mainstream art (the same could be said from most big comic events, Civil War, Siege, etc..)
JRJR is stylicized! Which is great for the industries!
I want more original art styles and such~

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i don't really like JRJR on this book. he should stick to kickass. i'm not a fan of him doing books like this and WWH.

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i really liked this issue. great writing by bendis, and decent art by Romita Jr
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@NXH said:
" Terrible art from John Romita Jr.  Terrible writing from Bendis. What more could you ask for? "
THANK YOU! could not have said it better myself. this writing is of an adolescent-quality at BEST and is sub-moronic in plot and i've seen better artwork on the bottom of a 'effin birdcage. 
can them both! I won't read an avengers until then, if ever again.
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Seeing Hawkeye asking about Red Hulk was just annoying. You'd think someone like that would make the news and wasn't Hawkeye working as a spy a short while ago? 

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