Avengers Compound

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    The Avengers Compound is a 15 acre estate located at 1800 Pales Verdes Drive on the Pacific coastline south of Los Angeles, California. It was the former headquarters of the West Coast Avengers and later the Avengers Academy

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    Brief History

    The former home of silent movie star Sylvia Powell, the Avengers purchased the compound and made it their base of operations for Hawkeye's West Coast Avengers. The compound was built in 1921 and features a number of Mediterranean style bungalows as well as the main estate. The Compound was renovated with two sub-basements containing hospital facilities, a state of the art research laboratory, communications and computing arrays and a Quinjet hanger with an underground runway running from the compound to the Pacific Ocean cliffs. The Compound featured many defensive and offensive security measures. In addition, the olympic swimming pool, personal bungalows, private beach, and expansive natural foliage made the compound a comfortable and lavish home for the West Coast branch. The compound was destroyed during one of the AWC later missions right before the team disbanded.

    Following the events of Fear Itself, Hank Pym relocated the Avengers Academy and its students to the compound as their new headquarters.

    Points of Interest

    • Hanger
    • Boathouse and Docks
    • Pool A
    • Actions Fields (For outdoor training scenarios and football/baseball)
    • Pool B
    • Underground Hangar/Danger Room
    • Hangar Bay
    • Hidden Catacombs Entrance
    • Original 1800s Church Steeple
    • The Tony Stark Library
    • Pym Miniature Research Laboratory
    • War Room
    • Indoor Swimming Pool

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