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Atlantis Attacks

I've read about half of the Atlantis Attacks story arc, and from what I've seen, it's just not very good. As far as I know, nothing game changing happens. The good thing is the storyline is confined to Annuals, so it is easily skipped. Just don't read any annuals from 1989. The one highlight of this issue is "Rate the Hunks", where Wasp and She Hulk rate the sex appeal of current and former male Avengers, which is good for a real laugh.

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    AF Reviews: Atlantis AttacksGather Now Ye Seven Brides written and drawn by John Byrne continues Marvel's Atlantis Attacks crossover as the Avengers again enter the fray and try to track down Ghaur and his seven kidnapped Brides of Set.I actually had to read this one twice because the first time I was too out of it to remember anything except Sersi and an awesome outfit Jean Grey wears at one point. I remembered it being good and I can now confirm these were not incoherent opinions of a blitzed ...

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