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Contest of Atlantis

AF Reviews: Atlantis Attacks
AF Reviews: Atlantis Attacks

Gather Now Ye Seven Brides written and drawn by John Byrne continues Marvel's Atlantis Attacks crossover as the Avengers again enter the fray and try to track down Ghaur and his seven kidnapped Brides of Set.

I actually had to read this one twice because the first time I was too out of it to remember anything except Sersi and an awesome outfit Jean Grey wears at one point. I remembered it being good and I can now confirm these were not incoherent opinions of a blitzed lady and are just of true in any state of mind. Sersi is great as always and her ridiculous powers are always entertaining to see implemented; this issue we have her transform all the Avengers into water breathers for the space of like a page. Byrne's Sersi is greatly written and greatly drawn, worth reading for alone. Of course, she would soon officially join the Avengers in about 5 issues time.

Another thing I love about Byrne's run on Avengers is that very seldom does it feel like we're getting too much of the same characters (although there is painful amounts of Scarlet Witch, Vision and Wonder Man melodrama throughout his run - at least it's not goddamn Iron Man and Thor). Byrne always gave us a healthy mix of favorites like Captain America and She-Hulk and integrating fresh blood like Sersi, the original Human Torch and U.S.Agent.

Although I enjoyed the issue, I had a few niggles but they didn't detract from the enjoyment. Ghaur's control over the Brides of Set is incredibly inconsistent with Dagger able to regularly complain and whine about being blind but Susan Storm and Jean Grey being pretty devoted to Ghaur's plans. There was also a bit too many advertisements for the Avengers family of books near the start with several events concerning Human Torch, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch and Vision being anotated with a "remember to check out this book!" caption boxes.

While there's not a lot going on in terms of action in the issue, it does move the story along a lot and we're now obviously entering the endgame of the crossover with Set resurrected. This issue is just good clean Avengers fun while still being larger-than-life and moderately epic. I'd say Hickman could learn a thing or two but then he'd still have a lot more to learn before he could write an Avengers book as pleasing as this. Another strong issue from Atlantis Attacks, but sadly I am not confident that this level of quality will remain for the final few chapters.

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    I've read about half of the Atlantis Attacks story arc, and from what I've seen, it's just not very good. As far as I know, nothing game changing happens. The good thing is the storyline is confined to Annuals, so it is easily skipped. Just don't read any annuals from 1989. The one highlight of this issue is "Rate the Hunks", where Wasp and She Hulk rate the sex appeal of current and former male Avengers, which is good for a real laugh....

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