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OPERATION: GALACTIC STORM PART 16 After the latest assassination attempt, Empress Lilandra demands the blood of her Kree attackers. Will the Avengers be able to encourage peace in the midst of a Galactic Storm? Ultimus awakes from stasis, acting as messenger to the Supreme Intelligence. Deathweb contemplates life as a villain.

Despite her recent pleas for peace, Lilandra greatly desires the death of the Kree Starforce for trying to assassinate her. The Avengers continue to encourage peace, but with the common enemy of the Starforce out of the way, the antagonisms between the Avengers and Imperial Guard flare up again, aided by Thor's continual embrace of immature impulsiveness. Soon the two teams battle while Araki and Lilandra look on in disgust. Driven to desperation, Living Lighting lashes out at Araki, revealing he is a Skrull in disguise. The battle ends immediately, and Lilandra resumes her quest for peace. Awaking Ultimus from stasis, she asks him to be her messenger to the Supreme Intelligence, though she knows the disappearance of the Nega-Bomb may make her tardy actions futile.

The rest of the Avengers West Coast return to their compound, having left the East Coast team to guard over the few remaining Shi'ar prisoners. They go their separate ways, leaving Spider-Woman to ponder her dilapidated personal life while a new future villainous team, Deathweb, looks on and ponders future villainy. Back on the Nega-Bomb, Vision appraises Wonder Man of their current status. While the Shi'ar and Avengers prepare to look for the Nega-Bomb, Quasar calls to inform them he knows where it is.


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Too Many Answers, Not Enough Time 0

Though we have postulated throughout this reflection the crossover is an impressively-plotted story, we have admitted a couple of places seem not to fit. This issue clears up one such point but replaces it with another. Still, only a couple of niggling points in a 19-part crossover (with a prelude and multiple epilogues) is an impressive feat. The cover, likewise, is a smidge misleading, but it is better understood not as an indicator of what happens inside the issue but what happens directly af...

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