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OPERATION: GALACTIC STORM PART 9 In the midst of galactic war, U.S. Agent keeps ticking off his teammates. But before he can attend sensitivity training, the Shi'ar Imperial Guard attacks in a rescue mission all their own! Mockingbird makes a shocking discovery about Dr. Minerva's identity, but not before another Shi'ar starship escapes the Avengers' hold.

Focusing on the Avengers guarding the homefront, antagonisms among the Avengers continue even on Earth. Everyone is tired of U.S. Agent's complaining about being usurped by Hawkeye, though he soon upsets Mockingbird by indicating he's glad she's on the team solely because of her appearance, not her skill. Before U.S. Agent can infuriate the entire reserve guard, some members of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard attack on a rescue mission. Though the Avengers capture more of the Shi'ar, Dr. Minerva and Captain Atlas of the Kree get away ... or so they think. "Dr. Minerva" is really the Shi'ar Hobgoblin in disguise. Finally getting Atlas and Captain Mar-Vell's Nega-Bands, the rest of the Imperial Guard flee back to Shi'ar space. Mockingbird discovers the real Dr. Minerva who informs them of the deception. She-Hulk contacts Quasar to prevent the Shi'ar from escaping, but Starbolt and Neutron of the Imperial Guard attack Quasar and Her, allowing the Shi'ar starship to escape through the stargate.


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Meanwhile, back at the ranch (the “ranch” being Project Pegasus in New York and not either Avengers Headquarters) … U.S. Agent is still irate Hawkeye usurped his place and is taking it out on, of all people, She-Hulk. That tells you just about everything you need to know about John Walker, U.S. Agent (and why he’s not Steve Rogers, Captain America). Most of the homefront guard aren’t happy about being left behind, especially the active Avengers (East and West), all except for Gilgamesh, who is p...

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