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Captain America and the Original Human Torch, Jim Hammond, follow a message from Rick Jones to an amusement park in the Midwest. Captain America fights off mannequins who are trying to take his shield, and the Human Torch chases after Rick Jones trying to help him. Both Captain America and the Human Torch end up in the House of Wax fighting several wax figures of other super heroes. The wax figures seem to have diluted forms of the real heroes powers, but are easily defeated by the two Avengers. After seeing Rick Jones supposedly killed, the two heroes are attacked by the Great Lakes Avengers. The Great Lakes Avengers think that this is a fake Captain America who stole Cap's Shield. Once things are cleared up the Avengers realize that the Rick Jones they saw fall was just a wax figure and the Great Lakes Avengers were called here by a fake Captain America. This was all a plot by a young boy named Stevie who had come into possession of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. The Gem allowed him to tap into computer systems and bring objects such as mannequins and wax figures to life. Thinking that he had stole Cap's Shield, Stevie brought the shield to his class for show and tell. When he removed it from the package it was just the wax shield, because Captain America, realizing they were after his Shield, switched it with this wax one. Stevie gripped the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak angrily, vowing to get even with the Avengers.

NOTE: This is the only appearance for Stevie, and though it is stated that the rock is the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, it did not turn him into the Juggernaut, but did give him other super powers, and apparently allowed him to defeat the Juggernaut.

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