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Time is running out as the Avengers are cornered in their last stronghold! But the stakes change when Hope and the Scarlet Witch join forces! Why?! How?!


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I'm conforming. 0

A lot of people had been completely bashing this series before it even came out, which I thought was totally unfair. Even when this series started and people had somewhat legitimate reasons to hate on the series, I still actually enjoyed it. When issue 6 came out, I was pretty excited about the things to come. Utopia was in the sky, my boy Cyc was getting some more 'super' super powers, and the x-men were finally winning the fight after getting their @$$es kicked in the first couple issues. The ...

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AvX10 0

THE GOODThe story is moving forward now that Hope remembers she has mutant powers and uses it to finally turn the tide of the war. Especially powers that should allow her to mimic Wanda. You'd think this conclusion would have years ago. Oh well. I'd like an explanation on how she copied a dragons powers, but maybe I just care too much for exposition. And while I am not a huge fan of Kubert, he does his actions shots well and my eyes don't bleed.THE BADI know I addressed it already, but why has i...

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Cyclops vs. Hope 0

I really liked this issue and think it has been one of the better issues in the series so far. I think this series has started to pick up a bit as it creeps more closer to it's conclusion, although I still think it would have been a lot better series at have the size.In this issue we see Cyclops (who along Emma are the only two left of the Phoenix Five) come to K'un Lun to get Hope who doesn't want to go with him. Whilst protected by Iron Fist Hope tries to escape but it's not until Iron Man is ...

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