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The Initiative's biggest secret hasn't come back to haunt them, it's come back to KILL THEM! Blood will run, heads will roll, and this time "dead" means DEAD! Say goodbye to at LEAST one regular cast member as KILLED IN ACTION starts racking up its body count. You know, maybe this WASN'T such a good time for TASKMASTER, ANT-MAN, and the new recruits to sign up…"

Picking up from the end of last issue, a small Hank Pym stands before a recruit with the Tactigon on his arm. Hank orders him to lower the weapon so they can talk. He just tells him he's on his lists and fires at Hank. Hank apparently is blown away. The kid walks away and says, "Henry Pym, a.k.a. Yellow Jacket...Killed In Action."

Flashback to earlier that day. Taskmaster is putting the new recruits to the test. he's actually mopping the floor with them. Crusader simply stands back. When Taskmaster asks him why he isn't taking part in the exercise, he replies that the smart thing to do is admit they don't stand a chance or wait until someone else gets in a lucky shot. Taskmaster is impressed with this logic. The truth is Crusader is a Skrull and doesn't want to risk getting knocked out and be revealed.

In the Infirmary, Trauma is sitting with Cloud 9. He's trying to help her through having shot a Hydra agent. Changing his appearance as the agent, Cloud 9 is able to talk to him and apologize for killing him. Beast and Moonstar observe and are impressed with Trauma's newfound therapist abilities.

In the Weapons Cache, Hank Pym and Henry Gyrich enter the vault containing the Tactigon. Gyrich isn't happy with the weapon just sitting there.

In the lab, Baron Von Blitzschlag is working with another MVP clone. The clone claims he is Michael Van Patrick. The Baron says he can't use that name since one of the other clones is already using the name in Kentucky. He suggests going by Van Patrick's middle name but the clone won't budge.

Hank comes in with the Tactigon. He brings it to the clone and asks if he's willing to try it out. As it bonds to him, he gets a flashback to when MVP was shot and killed. He is able to access the classified data on what really happened. Seeing that "he" was killed in action, he loses his mind. The Baron is smashed against the wall as Hank grows to a large size. That just makes him a bigger target for the Tactigon. Before the clone can finish him off, Hank shrinks down and runs away. The clone then smashes the other clones sitting in the lab tubes. He carves on his chest the letters, "KIA."

Back in the Combat Simulator, the recruits are still being tested by Taskmaster. KIA smashes through a wall. The recruits see this as their opportunity to unite and be on the other end of a beating. That's not the case. They are soon all unconscious. An alarm is sent throughout the base. KIA is about to deal with Taskmaster when he excuses himself for a moment. From the other room Taskmaster can hear, "Yellowjacket. You're on my list," followed by a big zap.

KIA returns to Taskmaster. He asks if he's on his list too. KIA thinks and says no. He leaves them alone and Taskmaster tries to help Crusader find his missing hand.

Trauma and Thor Girl stumble upon KIA. Trauma is surprised because he knows MVP is dead. KIA tells him he's on his list. Thor Girl stands in front of Trauma as KIA fires. She doesn't take the hit so well. Enraged, Trauma transforms into what he thinks will scare him. He's actually become the one thing the Tactigon is afraid of. The problem is, KIA isn't afraid of it. The Tactigon transforms into a blade and goes right through Trauma.

Next is Gauntlet, who is still in a coma in the infirmary. Going to his bed, KIA finds the bed empty.

In the Weapons Cache, someone rips off the door to the vault. Gauntlet grabs an alien sword. Speaking the alien language, he is ready for action.


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