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Great story...ending even better!!!!

First of all the cover was enough to get this book, come on 3 Stark armor spidermen..cool! This story gives you a insite into the world of the hero for hire, newbee on the street hero from the new initiative. But the story gets its meat from Spiderman intercepting the three initiative employees while the chase three flying birdmen (I won't say who)--Peter is thinking about where his next move is and bamm! He blows off some steam catching both parties off guard. The coolest thing is how the Spider suits change into different spidy costumes while webb slinging. But the end is great, they confuse the press and a croud of people by changing their costumes into the street clothes Peter has on, so it gives the impression that Peter Parker was just a hired hero for Stark industries. So in turn it confuses the people, thus giving Parker some of his secret identity back. Good tie in from "One more Day" and initiative.

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