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He's BACK IN BLACK and right in the Initiative's sights! Join WAR MACHINE and his assault team as they hunt down the #1 unregistered hero in America: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! Also: which former mutant has the BEAST brought in to train TRAUMA? And introducing the Initiative's all-new Black Ops Unit-- a team with a secret that will make this the can't-miss-comic of '07!

Flying above Washington D.C. is a plane surrounded by members of the Initiative, who are on their way to Camp Hammond. Hardball looks out the plane at Justice and comments that Justice must know because he keeps looking at Cloud 9.

He continues by guessing that Justice can read minds, a feat most telekinetics can perform and he becomes angry with this idea. Turning to Komodo he says that even if Komodo does not care about Justice being in her mind in his own case, he has some secrets he would like to keep secret.

In shock he turns to see an attractive young black-haired woman at his side rather than the lizard creature he was expecting. He stares at her as she yawns and wakes up, in horror she looks at her human hands. Immediately a transformation takes place and she turns on Hardball unleashing her fury, “HARDBALL! What did you see?!”

Komodo freaks out and Hardball tries to defend himself from the lizard-like enraged female. An enraged Gauntlet, followed by Pym, runs to the “rescue” of Hardball shouting at Komodo to restrain herself. Gauntlet’s right arm wraps around Komodo and with it he rips her out of her seat demanding answers.

She says that he saw her when she was powered down and knows her secret identity, Pym questions Hardball on this. He says that its just some girl, nobody that he knew…Hardball smiles and then says to a relieved Komodo, “Hey, Komodo…nice to finally meet you.”


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Go Spidey Go! 0

Yeah the registered heroes are coming off as assholes. War Machine and Hank Pym have plans to put Kimodo in a mission to capture Spiderman. It is traumatic for her because Spiderman convinced her that is she doesn't do well enough for the Initiative that they will take her powers away. She seems to think if she is not in her Kimodo persona that she is a loser and after failing to capture Spidey she breaks down with War Machine watching and not being sympathetic at all. Oh and by the way War Mach...

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