Avengers: The Initiative #29

    Avengers: The Initiative » Avengers: The Initiative #29 - Nightmares released by Marvel on December 2009.

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    While the Hood makes a captive hero an offer they can't refuse, the stress of Trauma's situation is opening the way for a threat far deadlier than even Norman Osborn. What could possibly be dangerous--and powerful--enough to threaten both the Initiative and the Avengers Resistance? How about an other-dimensional demon lord bent on conquering our plane...and it's not Dormammu. With both the heroes and villains in disarray, who can save us? Anyone...anyone...?

    Camp Hammond is officially shut down and Norman Osborn & his new right hand Taskmaster have taken over the Initiative.An earlier story regarding the New Warriors where Night Thrasher takes the team into an alternate future to retrieve his brother leads to the present where he finds Baron Von Blitzschlag (the man responsible for the MVP clones\Scarlet Spider's) making clones of his brother.Norman Osborn & The Hood make Donyell and offer.His services for his brother's return.He doesn't bite.He knows that they are just clones with no soul.Not his brother.However the Hood having already done this offers to but Dwayne's soul in a clone and then he can have his brother back.Donyell still doesn't bite claiming that the Hood had his powers stripped by Brother Voodoo.Norman assures Donyell that the Hood can and has done it referencing several other people that have been brought back from the dead.

    Aside from that the New, New Warriors left the Initiative and became the Avengers Resistance against Norman's new Initiative.Tigra goes after Razorfist in the rest of the Hood's Gang when she finds Melati Kusuma aka Komodo.This is after Melati was depowered by Hardball with a weapon crafted by HYDRA.Tigra finds out that in Melati's true form,she doesn't have any legs and is handicapped.Melati however is still good at other things so she is welcome to be a part of this resistance.

    Then we take a look into Trauma's one on one psychiatric sessions with Penance.He still can't help feeling like Stamford was his fault.Trauma tries to convince him that it's not his fault but each time Penance just loses it and breaks things.Apparently Trauma is working for Osborn and trying to get Penance to cope with what has happened,but at this point he's had enough and doesn't want to do it anymore.However he's under the same deal as Night Thrasher.He's been offered with resurrection of a loved one for his services.

    The other Initiative members are on a mission.Skein,Black Mamba,Constrictor,Diamondback,Asp,& Quicksand save the day and a relationship between Diamondback & Constrictor is later revealed.Later we see the Avenger's Resistance not wanting to give into Osborn taking on the Initiative & Hammer and during that fight,Taskmaster brings Penance in and orders to kill them and lastly Trauma becomes Nightmare.


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    The New Warriors Ain't Havin' It-Avengers-The Initative #29 0

    This was a really good book.I like where this is going.I'm curious to see how Norman taking over the Initiative is going to pan out.It seems the Hood & Taskmaster are just lackeys at this point and further solicits almost suggest that Taskmaster will be joining the Dark Illuminati or Cabal.I like this new Avengers Resistance,but not so much what they did to Komodo.That sucks.Sure she's extra smart and all that and could still help the team but now that she's in a wheelchair I forsee alot of ...

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