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It's all in the ending....

I've been paying loose attention to this series following Secret Invasion. I've enjoyed the art and for the most part the logical direction the Initiative has been going on since the hammer has come down.

And this issue I think was worthy of a review purely for the ending.


So that the end, Norman Osborn puts Taskmaster in charge of the Initiative! I know, for most people the drama behind all this is not very apparent. As a Deadpool reader, this is the start of what could be a long-term battle. 

See, during the Deadpool/Thunderbolts crossover, "Magnum Opus," Taskmaster was an ally of Deadpool and had direct contact with the Goblin while running around in a Deadpool costume.

So, the Director of The Initiative is in on the less than noble actions of Norman Osborn during the Secret Invasion. Which only makes the argument to read Deadpool more strong. Because Deadpool is right on the pulse of Dark Reign!! 

Okay, so the issue. It was good, the writing is good, Gage is working well with the toys he has and the stories he creates with them. The art is beautiful. I just can't wait to see more. Not a huge "PICK THIS UP!!!!" issue, but it fits well into the story. Enjoy.

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