Avengers: The Initiative #20

    Avengers: The Initiative » Avengers: The Initiative #20 - Acceptable Losses released by Marvel on February 1, 2009.

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    The Invasion is over and the Initiative has been rocked to its core. Now that the truth is out, that the program was conceived as part of a Skrull plot, can it survive? Who will leave? Who will stay? And who will lead them? Also: Learn what's become of the REAL Hank Pym! And when Taskmaster discovers Mutant Zero's true identity, she gets fightin' mad!

    Camp Hammond is under protest as the civilians don't feel safe since it was basically a Skrull plan set in motion. Doc Samson holds a therapy session with the recently returned heroes that were held captive. With Gyrich gone, War Machine having quit and Hank Pym returned from Skrull captivity, it seems that command has fallen on Gauntlet's shoulders (despite Baron Von Blitzschlag's protest that he has seniority). He asks Tigra where Hank is. He's seemingly in his room talking to Wasp (who died in the Invasion). She little by little informs Hank of the current events, including the other Hank's relationship with Tigra (who tells Hellcat that she's pregnant).

    The Shadow Initiative meets under Gauntlet's command. He has a new assignment for them. Ant-Man's has been promoted to the Thunderbolts and Taskmaster has moved up to field leader. Mutant Zero starts to leave since her deal with Gyrich was she didn't have to sit in on briefings. Guantlet orders her back. The new mission is to go after Hardball since he's taken control over Hyrda. Komodo is there to give intel on Hardball but demands that she's the one to bring him in.

    Outside, a bunch of Intiative members give 3-D Man the cold shoulder since he killed Crusader. He runs into Ryder and they prepare to leave. Ryder convinces Riot to that the war is over. She lets go, reverts to human form and dies in his arm. 3-D Man asks him if he lied to her about the Skrulls being gone. Ryder says of course and they leave to search for them.

    Taskmaster follows Mutant Zero, trying to figure out who she is by her moves. She confronts him, they fight, and he figures out who she is...Typhoid Mary. Tigra talks to Trauma. Her fear is she'll have a litter of Skrull babies rip through her stomach. She's decided to terminate the pregnancy.

    "Wasp" and Hank talk. She wants to know when he was taken. She wants to know who it was that hit her, Hank or the Skrull. Finally Hank confesses that it was him that hit her. She walks out. He asks if that's what Janet would've done. Wasp turns into Jocasta and tells him yes (since she shares her brainwaves). Hank decides to leave Camp Hammond and Jocasta goes along.

    In the lab, the Blitzschlag is asleep as an alarm goes off. The fifteen day failsafe code has not been entered. Operation: Final Strike will begin as a recording of the Hank Skrull speaks. In a tube closeboy, a failed experiment begins to come to life once more.


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    Another Requiem 0

    To be honest, this dark reign thing has now become kind of boring. Its not what it was when the SI Dark Reign special came out. However unlike Mighty Avengers 20, this does not hinder Avengers: the initiative at all. This is the last issue with Slott before Gage is by himself. This shows you in a better way than Mighty Avengers 20 did about how Hank deals with Janet's death. I love the creepy relationship between Hank and Jocasta. Gauntlet is now head of the initiative and that is the position h...

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