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There is just something about the Young Avengers that makes this story freaking fantastic.  The art is stunning and the story is hitting all the right buttons.  You have a search for a long lost mother whose outcome may change the playing field for the Marvel U.  You have Avengers who want to stand beside Wanda and who want to take her out.  Wanda is being wonderfully written and like a true hero (who admits she made a horrible selfish mistake) wants nothing more than to take full responsibility for her past actions and do what ever she can to fix it.  Even if that leads to her death. 
Slowly building to an ending that can only hope to be as satisfying as the first 6 issues of this series has been the twists keep coming and they have all been worth the bi monthly wait between issues.  Not to spoil anything but two of the best surprises include members of the X-Community including a power house team of mutants showing up to confront Wanda at the end of the book..and some one gets his mutant mojo back! 
Bring on issue 7!

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