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More Mutants! (SPOILERS)

OH. MY. GOD!  Well there it is ladies and gents.  The pay off we have been waiting for since the Avengers first Disassembled all wrapped up in a neat little bow.  Now bare with me, we've got a lot to cover here and I don't want to move to quickly...
The Good - We got a few really wonderful moments in this issue.   First, last issue we got Cassie rejoicing the return of her father but in this issue we got to watch him swell with pride to hear not only that his daughter is a superhero but "a good one too".  I personally met Cassie and Scott Lang during their time with the Fantastic Four and always had a fondness for the family so to see them both so happy with love and pride really felt great to read.
There was also the back-to-back action of the double Hawkeyes.  Watching the two glib archers banter at each other in the midst of a very serious situation shows just how much Kate Bishop has earned the name with more then just her eagle eye.

The Bad - I have to say I am hard pressed to find any badness in this series.  The art is flawless and the story has literally left me with tears of excitement more then once.  If I had to have a complaint, it would probably be the bi-monthly release it has going for it.  Now I understand that to everyone else this is all but torture and I completely understand.  I've been using this time in between to build suspense and look forward to the next issue.  With the volumes and volumes of issues that pump out like clock-work every week, I will take a book who's only problem is a longer publication run any day.
And the Wanda - Lets be serious, she gets her own section.  Let me start by saying that I have loved the Scarlet Witch for as long as I have been reading comic books.  Her fiery hair, sassy attitude and "take no s***" personality grabbed me from almost day one.  But I am not someone who needs to see their favorite characters doing the right thing all the time or needs to have them always on the side of the angels.  I was floored by what they did with Wanda during House of M but I loved it all the same and my only concern afterwards was "Where the hell is she?".  Yes we had a few encounters with Beast, Hawkeye, and the Young Avengers but they were all very casual and didnt really tell us anything. 
Well here it all is.  She has her powers, her memories, and most importantly the guilt of murdering several of her teammates including her own husband;  its no wonder that the first thing she tries to do is kill herself.  Enter: Wiccan.  The agitator of this entire series.  When he flew up there to try and talk her down I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but watching the heartfelt scene they both find out the truth of their relationship had my eyes welling up.  It's ironic if you think about it, the entire cause of her meltdown was the realization about the truth of her children and now her salvation is the return to her of those same children (albeit in a bit older).
And who wouldn't understand Madrox's hesitance at putting Rictor at risk, but hearing Rictor talk about losing his connection to the earth its easy to see why he would risk anything.  I really enjoyed Shatterstar's concern over his boyfriend's well being especially since (I was just reading some old X-Force last night actually) in his early appearances he was completely indifferent to the safety of his comrades, even surprising himself the first time he saved Siryn over finishing a fight.
The Concern - This has been one of the best stories that Marvel has put in recent time and I am deathly afraid that, with 3 full issues left in this series, there is still too much time left for Wanda to just be back safe and sound and restoring mutants who want it.  Unfortunately, the "Children's Crusade" seems to be over and there's just enough page space left for them to take back everything they've done in the series.  So I am hopeful that in 6 months (yes thats right, 6 months) when the series ends we still have Wanda and Scott Lang but I worry for their safety.

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