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Welcome to Twin Pines Vale

I did not expect much from this comic, so I wasn´t disappointed by any means, but the feeling I had was just above being underwhelmed. That is probably the best way to describe this, a very whelming issue.
Of course, that doesn´t mean I didn´t like it. While the story seems to be derivative of Wayward Pines, Welcome to Night Vale and possibly Twin Peaks, which I haven´t seen yet but is currently waiting to be watched on my hard drive, the marvel spin makes it... bearable, and the twist at the end genuinly caught me off guard. Mark Bagley´s art is maybe a touch below the heavenly sight I remember from Ultimate Spider-Man, but by no means bad. Certainly not the late Vol.1 of UnbeatableSG dip in quality.

Overall, I like where this event seems to be going, and I´ll definitely check out some further issues, but the begining was quite far from explosive.

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