Avengers Sky Cycle

    Object » Avengers Sky Cycle appears in 111 issues.

    One and/or two person hover vehicles employed by the Avengers for short-distance trips. Most frequently used by Hawkeye.

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    The Sky Cycle was originally developed for Hawkeye during his time working at Cross Technological Enterprises. He continued using the vehicle even after he left his employment there to return to the Avengers, and has used variations of it in the years since then.

    Technical Data


    Curb Weight: 680 lbs.

    Engine: High efficiency miniature turbines

    Overall Length: 65 in.

    Overall Width: 32 in.

    Steering radius: 0 ft. 0 in.

    Maximum Cargo: 450 lbs.

    Maximum level airspeed at sea level: 380 MPH

    Maximum rate of climb: 800 ft. per second

    Service Ceiling: 12,000 ft.

    In Other Media


    Avengers: EMH
    Avengers: EMH
    • Hawkeye uses the Sky Cycle in The Avengers: United They Stand. Tigra is also shown to have access to her own Sky Cycle, and the heroes use similar submersible variants while traveling underwater in one episode.
    • Hawkeye uses the Sky Cycle in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. In the cartoon, the Sky Cycle originated during Hawkeye's time as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and was presumably designed by the organization's scientists.
    • Hawkeye uses the Sky Cycle in Avengers Assemble. Black Widow and Hawkeye also make use of their own Sky Cycles in a few episodes.

    Video Games

    Lego Marvel
    Lego Marvel
    • Hawkeye's Sky Cycle can be used as a vehicle in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
    • The Sky Cycle can also be used in Lego Marvel's Avengers.


    From Gentle Giant
    From Gentle Giant
    • Hawkeye's Sky Cycle was included in ToyBiz's action figure line for The Avengers: United They Stand.
    • Gentle Giant Studios produced a statue of Hawkeye posing with his Sky Cycle.
    • The Sky-Cycle was included in the HeroClix figure game as part of the "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." series.

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