Avengers Next #2

    Avengers Next » Avengers Next #2 - The Sound of Thunder released by Marvel on January 2007.

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    American Dream and the rest of the New Avengers are on a rescue mission to save Kevin Masterson! On their path, however, is the daughter of a surprise super hero...

    This continues as an action packed series, as the team finds more threats on the way (although they’re unaware of the biggest one on the horizon until the end), and other heroes are struggling with the idea of Saberclaw being on the team, while two new heroes appear. One is expected, and one isn’t, and we have one of those hoary chestnuts of comicdom amidst the chaos: the misunderstanding fight. It’s a biggie too, since it’s instigated by a couple of guys with almost cosmic level power.

    The basic plot of the comic is as follows, it all starts off as The Earth Sentry and Nova are flying around in space, when they notice a "meteor" hurtling towards Earth, they try to dispose of it before it hits the Earths surface and causes devastating effects. They throw everything at it, and barely dint the object. Back on Earth, in the Avengers mansion, the team of heroes are alerted to the incoming object by the air space invasion alarm sounding. The Team rush outside to see the object crash land right outside the Avengers headquarters closely followed by The Earth Sentry and Nova.

    All of a sudden there is movement coming from the grounded object, and out comes a figure, Thena (the daughter of Thor), swinging her hammer frantically. She instantly engages in battle with The Earth Sentry and Nova for attempting to blow her out of the sky. Then Sabreclaw, who is stood on the sideline watching with the rest of the Avengers Next team (since he was enrolled last issue) got attacked from The Earth Sentry and Nova, not realizing he was part of the Avengers Next now, and not still a member of the Revengers. So now we have a 4 way battle going on, between Thena, Earth Sentry, Nova and Sabreclaw. This battle carries on for some time to come, until they all come to the same conclusion that there is a mistake somewhere, and eventually the Avengers negotiate with Thena to end the battle, and find out that she is on earth on a mission from her farther to find Kevin Masterson, Which was good fortune really as he was kidnapped in the previous episode by Warp. So the heroes all join forces in the battle to save Kevin Masterson, formally Thunderstrike.

    There’s nothing overly original about this, but it’s bouncy and enjoyable, just a light hearted and slightly old fashioned action oriented comic miniseries. There are serious moments and serious things done, but it’s never too heavy - or at least not yet. Maybe the bad guy introduced at the end will change that.

    In this issue it sees the Earth Sentry and Nova attempting to blast a "meteor" out of the sky, failing to do so it crashes on Earth's surface. The earth Sentry land to find it is no meteor!

    As the A-Next rush to the impact site out comes a being, Thena, the daughter of the all mighty Thor, confused, she engages in battle straight away with the Earth Sentry and Nova for attempting to blow her out the sky. Then the Sentry and Nova find themselves involved in a 2 on 2 fight as they attack Sabreclaw, unaware he is part of the Avengers Next.

    After the battle Thena agrees to help the heroes locate their missing member, Kevin Masterson. Who was abducted by Warp in the last issue. Thena is also on a mission to find Kevin Masterson with a message from her farther, Thor.

    This is a good, light hearthed comic, with excellent art work. the full series 1-5 is a good buy. Great value for money.


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    Avengers next: issue 2 of 5 0

    This is a good issue in the series, which sees a lot of character appearances, in edition to the usual team line up of the Avengers Next, obviously with the new edition of Sabreclaw, there is small parts for The Earth Sentry and Nova, who spark off a huge battle on Earths surface with Thena, who becomes a member of the Avengers Next to help find Kevin Masterson. It is a fairly action packed series in general, but this issue only really sees one battle, even though it is a good one, i still feel ...

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