Avengers Mansion

    Location » Avengers Mansion appears in 1598 issues.

    A luxurious town house located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, the Avengers Mansion is the home and main base of the Avengers.

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    The Avengers began using Tony Stark's town house as a place to come together as a group and hold meetings. Upon joining the team, Captain America began living in Avengers Mansion.

    The mansion was attacked by the Masters of Evil leading to the team and the mansion building was relocated to Hydrobase. The mansion was subsequently destroyed and submerged under water after an attack on Hydrobase by Doctor Doom.

    The Avengers returned to the original site of the Mansion, now dubbed "Avengers Park" and used the still existent sub-basements of the former mansion for their base of operations for a while. With help from architect Eric Masterson, Avengers Mansion was rebuilt and remodelled as a more modern complex. The complex was destroyed by Sersi during a conflict with the Gatherers. Ute the Watcher rewarded the Avengers for helping defeat the Gatherers by pulling from the multiverse an alternate reality version of the original Avengers Mansion in place of their destroyed headquarters.

    The mansion served as their base for a long time until it was destroyed by Scarlet Witch. The Mansion was used in secret by the Young Avengers during a short period of time. Hank Pym's Infinite Avengers Mansion was connected with the main entrance of the regular Avengers Mansion for easy travel. Tony renovated the mansion and gave the property to Luke Cage for $1. The mansion served as the headquarters for the New Avengers.

    The mansion is now used by the newly established Avengers Unity Squad, now a home of both Avengers and X-Men.


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