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Really Great Animated film from Madhouse & Marvel


- opening credits are fantastic, the rough detailed characters are very very well rendered and brought to life. very comic booky but hard edged

- would love for the character designer and artist of this movie to draw a marvel comic series

- city and port backgrounds are lush and beautifully detailed and rendered

- action is fast and brutal, hits hard, character movement even for human characters such as punisher and widow are exaggerated, in a good way

- the scenes in the snow are absolutely gorgeous

- all the various semi obscure villains making appearances where awesome

- the shot where zemo states his disappointment, and he looks down to a window that shatters and, someone with a sword walks out the rooms door, who was that?

- the hulks entrance is freaking epic

- the entire final battle royale showdown was fantastic

- a few of the large distance shots of the entire battle where animated less well than the rest of the film

- wish we had gotten more thor action shots, madhouse really really needs to make a thor anime

- elihas starr was a interesting villain, at times his whining to widow grates on the nerves and other times the emotion between him and widow feels real

- orion was a pretty damn cool lead foe

- instrumental rock style soundtrack was great

- widow is beautiful and sexy without and rarely becomes too hyper fan servicy as some has claimed, there is some for sure, but its the right amount and its awesome

voice wise she is just right, sultry, but fun and lighthearted without seeming like she is trying to hard to be such

- punisher is very menacing thruout, and they give him alot more development than i expected

- finale thoughts - really damn fun film with VASTLY better animation than the last 2-3 new 52 based dc films

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