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This book is on par with the last, though possibly slightly lower - I didn’t like the cover - nothing against the art itself, it was the content I could care less for. I had a difficult time deciding whether this should be a 3.5 or a 4.0. I decided, based on some of the standard humor from Rocket Raccoon and dialog between the Avengers and GotG to keep it in the 4’s.

The back-story and explanation of why Thanos used the “zodiac” like he did was a nice addition to the plot - plus, I am a sucker for cosmic battles (and especially hate the Badoon).

There were some great images of Thanos sprinkled throughout the issue, though he is on the side-lines at this point.

I did like Captain America’s strong-arm tactics to get what he wanted. I also like where this is headed - into… SPACE! :)

I guess my only gripe would have to be the wholly unnecessary cover and portion of the story revolved around Clint and Natasha’s interlude.

So, into SPACE we go, headed to “shut Thanos down once and for all.” - yeah right, even killing him didn’t shut him down! Much to the Avenger’s dismay, it is really all about recovering something that the US Army shouldn’t have created in the first place…

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