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The Avengers continue to square off against their astrological powered enemies, The Zodiac. How did these villains gain their abilities, and will the Avengers be enough to defeat this new threat?


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just not fun or rewarding or even interesting 0

AF Reviews: AvengersI felt suckered into buying this because I'm such a Hulk fan and his relationship with the Avengers has always been one of the most intriguing things about his character for me.And funnily enough, the best part of the issue was an exchange between the Hulk and the Avengers where Thor pointed out the reason that the Avengers formed in the first place was because of the Hulk, to which Hulk responds "Don't put that on me.". Sadly, that's the only part of the issue I enjoyed.We g...

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What's In The Box? 0

Apparently much bigger things are afoot in this corner of the Marvel Universe. In this, the continuation of the Zodiac arc, we see the Avengers being picked apart by super-powered cosmic-energy (seemingly) powered beings - each representing signs of the Zodiac. The biggest impact comes from Taurus, who has no problem taking out Thor and Iron Man...Again, I was not impressed with the story. It seems cobbled together and forced to fit a particular plot device. The strength of the villains in this ...

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The Avengers! getting disassembled by a giant bull! 0

After a good first issue this new series moves foward as more members of zodiac are revealed and so are their motives which proves them to be a more formidable opponent for our heroes that we thought.....even if the issue wasn't as good as before.The issue starts with cancer asking the one who seemed to be responsible for the creation of the team about the creation of zodiac, this person who we can't see explains that he wants balance in the universe which is in caos thanks to earth. Because of ...

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