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Wonders of the UK!!

What We Can Love About The Book:
Right from the get-go the first thing I wrote in my notes was the ref to Doctor Who at the beginning and it really made me laugh out loud. Ultrons acting like Daleks (and have a similar appearance) is all i'm giving away. Also I loved that we got Captain Marvel in this, Don't know why she's in the UK but she's here. On top of that the book was consistent with her own series in that she can't fly due to health reasons. I really enjoyed the variety of heroes who i have never seen before (excalibur and the soccer chick kicker, computer graham and so on) I liked the that Captain Britain hands his name sake to someone deserving and becomes Captain Brian.

What We Can Be Disapointed About:
Captain Marvel seemed way to pepy during the situation at hand and I felt like she should have addressed that she was in a very dire scenario I know that her character and I lover her series right now but I felt that she would have joked about everything but at some point in her narration she would said something about how serious this all was. I was okay with the cover but I felt it could have been done better, in what ways I'm not sure but I feel the grainyness of it was a put off.

With Their Powers Combined:
A great book has no connection to the last issue so my question is "WHY?" also are we going to see the end of the story arc that was going before all this Ultron stuff? I'm not reading the Ultron stuff just where its showed up in my pull list of stuff. This book was better at continuing the marvel status of heroes unlike the spider man fluke that has been pointed out. Overall though I loved this.

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