Avengers Arena #5

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This thread has forty views and no comments, and I always feel bad for that kind of thing (especially because I assume every thread I start will be equally unengaged), so, COMMENT.

I take every optimistic tidbit about this series and drown it in salt. I have yet to see a single ironclad argument that this book will do something other than kill off characters permanently. Most every "hey, this probably means that so-and-so is safe" thing I see seems more mired in blind optimism than measured inference. That's not an attack on you, just an observation.

We've already heard from Arena's editor that a very shocking event occurs at the end of issue six, which is after this preview, which means any good thing which happens prior to six could very easily be undone in that ostensibly horrifying final page (which, seriously, what kind of book pitches itself by saying "our last page will shock everyone" three issues in advance?). The repercussions of this shocker are picked up in issue eight, after the issue seven aside which is supposed to make everyone okay with Arcade's seeming omnipotence and ability to operate without any obvious recognition or resistance from any force in the Marvel universe.

Please note: These characters cannot appear in other books right now because they are in Murder World. This has been established. Yet, despite the fact that every other book recognizes that these characters aren't around/available, none of them -- including ones depicting characters like Wolverine -- seem to care at all about finding the kids. If their disappearances are canon enough to keep the kids from other books, why aren't they canon enough to be having repercussions? We don't know. Quite probably, we never will.

Anyway, I can't speak for all the other folks who have come here and not responded. I just wanted to make it clear that the reason I was refraining was because, despite how nice it is to see Chase and Nico survive one more month, I'm still not convinced of any actual safety for any of these characters, so this preview didn't actually affect me at all.

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