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After two weak issues, Hopelles finally nails down a good story, mostly because it focused more on the characters and not Arcade's evil plan or meaniest game he's ever played. Sure, the plot continues to be about a bunch of young heroes, trapped in a murder world, where only one of them can be left alive, meaning they have to kill one another. Despite the whole Hunger Games look alike (a copy), even an "homage" by Horn's cover, I really liked this issue because it was about a new character to me, someone I've never read before: Cammi. Reading about her past,while Hopeless mixed present action with it,was really cool. Nowadays it's so hard to see new and interesting characters, so this was a great oportunity to know more about this curious teenager that probably was abuducted from aliens and received powers that only(it appears)work when she is in outerspace.In fact,it was only after this issue that I recognized her from the Annihilation arc story,but I would probably have to read it again to fully remember her. The best thing about this issue was definitely Kev Walker's art, what I'll probably miss since this was my last issue of this title and it seems he will stick to it for a little longer. Also I liked how the narrative unraveled in this issue: it's about a mysterious person who is searching his next target, no one knows who it is, but he is coming to kill you. Some of the kids gather up to try to discover his identity, but all in vain. X-23 was great in this issue, I hope Hopeless explores Laura more in the coming issues, since she yet hasn't received the focus she deserves.

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