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Everything that is wrong with comics 0

My least favorite thing in comics has always been the killing of characters for no reason other than shock value. So, when I first heard the concept of this book, I wanted to punch the Marvel editorial staff in the face. And now that I've read it, that remains completely true. This is a book that exists to kill off characters that have huge fan bases behind them. It's something that should have been shot down when it was first pitched, and should not have gotten anywhere near being printed. If M...

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I'll do this first killing 0

No doubt at all, Dennis Hopeless got the main idea of the series from Battle Royale. Hell, there's even a slight mention to it in one of the pages. The idea does seem nice, but it's one special way to get characters killed off. Speaking of the characters, I actually enjoyed the choices here, specifically X-23. Don't get me wrong, as I said before, the idea of the title seems nice, but what's the real purpose of the series? I mean, how can 16 teenagers killing each other every issue make of this ...

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Let The Killing Begin! 0

Outside of X-23, I am not familiar with any of these characters. So when I heard about the Hunger Games/Battle Royale concept for this book I was intrigued. The first issue did not disappoint, it was a fun read, and someone did die at the end of the 1st issue. I understand someone who may love these characters may not like the idea of seeing them go away forever in what could be a cheap storyline, but I have no attachment to these characters and will enjoy watching them slaughter each other for ...

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What a Waste 0

This is way too pretty a book to be wasted on such a premise.I mean it. The art is gorgeous. Not only that, the book is actually quite well written, though it has some major flaws. Specifically the one major flaw:The goddamn premiseNow, Hopeless has said this in interviews, but someone dies in this book. Some will die in other issues. And some will be characters we know and love. As much as I might hate it though, I can't fault it on a purely objective stance, since anything can be done well. Th...

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Explaining away things we don't like 0

Arcade is back, Arcade is actually a little scary, and he is making sure he 's not going to lose anymore.Time to tell truth. Raise your hand if you have read most of the Arcade stories. Anyone? Anyone, besides me? Oh just a couple of you? Well he has been a goofball, in most stories, but he has been increasingly nastier the more he has lost. He was once a renown assassin, and he enjoyed challenges, even if it meant he lost from time to time. He has decided his reputation has taken enough of a be...

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What the...? 0

Okay... I admit I wasn't even all that interested in this title. I was disappointed that Avengers Academy was coming to an end to begin with, and when I read the premise of its apparent successor, I wasn't thrilled. Having never read the Runaways, their deaths wouldn't matter so much to me, but I realize that there are fans of that crew out there, just as there are fans of the AA crew, so why do we have to have any of these characters die?What's the endgame here?To anger fans of a series (or ser...

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Why? 0

I'm going to come out and say that I don't like what happens in this issue or the premise of the series in general. Why? Why does Marvel need to kill off some of my favorite characters? I'm only going to continue reading this book so I can answer that question.So many characters that I like are on the chopping bock: Reptil, Nico, Cammi (the girl who used to hang out with Drax), Mettle, Hazmat, Darkhawk, Chase, and Laura (X23). Why would you kill any of these characters? I still just don't unders...

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Character driven? As if 0

Let me state this. I went in objective about the book. And it did exactly what I was afraid it was going to do.1. Mischaracterization of Hazmat and Mettle2. Ignoring Canon3. New Characters BlandHe depicts Hazmat as a bitter person even before her powers when it was established that she only became bitter after her powers emerged. He also mischaracterized her personality. When hurt, she swears and was shown as being cunning and sly in Academy. Mettle, he depicted one dimension. He made it seem Me...

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A Book That's Taking Risks 0

Anyone who thinks this represents everything wrong with comics either hasn't read enough comics or has their views shaped by the internet personality Linkara, who is a vocal opponent of character death. This book is taking risks and I for one intend to reward those risks if they pay off. The setup was incredible, Arcade grabs 16 random teenage superheroes and basically says, "Kill or be killed kids" There's a lot of potential in this. Dennis Hopeless being a former writer for the 90's X-Men Anim...

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One Simple Truth 0

There is one simple reason why this series is promising. I'll get to that after I explain the backstory to this reason. Well also the art is stunning. Here is the extent of my knowledge about any of these characters coming into this series.-X23 is Wolverine's Clone/Daughter/something and has the same basic abilities he does.-The Runaways have a VERY dedicated fanbase and their parents were supervillains or something I think.The end. I know Avengers Academy existed and I saw a lot of praise for i...

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Avengers Arena #1 Review 0

Cover/Solicit - 4/5- Would I pick-up the comic based on the solicit/cover alone? Are the alternate covers appealing? Does the solicit/cover portray what happens in the issue?Art - 5/5- Do I personally like this artist's style? Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?Colors/Ink/Lettering - 5/5- Does the work blend well with the artist? Is the coloring/inking enjoyable and easy to distinguish what's happening? Can I easily read the lettering?Layout/Flow - 5/5- Does the layout of the...

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Hopeless-ly bad 0

Bad writing can be forgiven if there is a genuinely novel story to be told. Too bad there is nothing novel about Avengers Arena. The Hunger Games was a better re-imagining of Koushun Takami's Battle Royale. I won't invoke plagiarism as I don't believe Hopeless attempted to plagiarize. However, wrongfully appropriated seems an appropriate statement. I want to emphasize the use of the word wrongful as there is nothing right about this series, the writing is terrible. There is however MUCH that is ...

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