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Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #2

I thought this second issue was an improvement over the first, but still is feeling very rushed and over saturated. At least this time around we are a bit more concentrated on certain characters or certain things, rather than being jumping all over the place like last issue. We have some moments I just loved with Havok and Cyclops. We also got some character stuff for Iron Man and it was fun to see him and Magneto bicker.

I also enjoyed the action scenes a lot more this time (which is good, because this issue is basically 27 pages of non-stop action.) I like it when comic book action is more planned out rather than just random punching and we do get a little bit of that here.

Saying that, though, I still feel like this whole thing felt pretty disjointed and going way too fast. Although, I am someone who is somewhat in favor of “Bendis decompression,” so I may be more prone to believing a story feels rushed. Remender just has so much story to put in these first three issues to set up the whole “heroes are villains and villains are heroes” thing, that it must be very difficult for it not to be incredibly rushed.

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