More 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Footage to Air During Next 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D'

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I didn't think they were this desperate after their initial plan failed.

Desperation that works in favor of the consumer is never a bad thing. More footage means more people are going to get a better picture of whether to go see the movie or not, whether it's worth their time and money.

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@maccyd: Yeah, I'm really not understanding the hate the show gets, and I don't think I've ever heard someone say why they dislike the show. I'll admit it had it's problems early on but given that none of the characters were established in the comics I gave it a fair shake especially with the MCU ties. Does it contain some cheese? Sure but no worse than Arrow or Flash and I for sure think it's leaps and bounds better than Gotham which is dead set on changing everything about Batman's lore. Yet I regularly see it get praised. (And I wasn't actually going to compare it to any of these shows, but someone felt the need to bring them up in this topic)

So for once I'd like someone who has a disdain for this show and who actually has been watching to tell me what is so bad about it because apparently I'm not seeing it. Not to mention it seems people go out of there way to hate this show which I don't see happening to any other show. So please all you haters explain why you hate the show so much cause I'd honestly like to know actual reasons, and not the simple "It sucks."

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@feartheliving: To me, the worst part are the characters, I just find them and the antagonists to just be bland and uninteresting. Even Coulsen is kinda blah.

A good amount of the dialogue is cheesy as well, and I keep expecting them to have heroes introduced, maybe some who can't support a film, but so far, all we get are name drops. Though, I DO like the inclusion of Mockingbird, that's a step in the right direction.

To me, the show is just a mediocre spy thriller. And if you take the Marvel name from it, people wouldn't be cutting it nearly as much slack, same thing with Gotham, really.

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@feartheliving: It's actually getting high praise from critics with 80s (and I think even 90s) on Rotten Tomatoes. This leads me to think that it's might be just comic fans reacting to the lack of mainstream/favourite characters. It's the same as Batman could have the greatest story written, yet someone could still say "But I don't like Batman, so I won't like this" even if they haven't read the story.

Then again, I'm just grasping at straws and it'd be better to hear someone give their personal reason as to why.

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@the_stegman: I disagree with characters. Over the course of the season and into the second season the have been shaped into different characters. I'll give you antagonists though the first season lack one you could really identify as a threat and was more or less about case to case until the Hydra stuff went down. Sure they the "clairvoyant" but he was an ominousness presence and never felt like a true threat. That being said the payoff for it I think more than made up for it when the **** hit the fan. This season has bumped up the threat where Hydra is the main villain and some key players coming to bat (Absorbing Man & Blizzard).

Like I said above I agree, some of the dialogue is cheesy, but it's no worse than some of the lines I've heard on any of the other current CB shows, not to mention the first half was definitely shown to be more "fantastical" which kind of fit the cheese and basically set up how grim everything goes once the rug is slipped from under them. As for Heroes, that seems like a personal problem the show never promised regular heroes showing up. It's a show about these characters and SHIELD and their dealings in the Marvel wold essentially the entire concept of the show. I agree they need more SHIELD agents from the comics showing up from time to time though, and Mockingbird is for sure a step in the right direction with that, but they had quite a bit of characters show up. Not huge names like Black Widow or Hawkeye but they did have Fury and a handful of minor Agents.

Take away the Marvel part of it and it defeats the purpose of the show. It's suppose to tie in to whats going on in the world and it's suppose to be a spy thriller that's what SHIELD is all about. As for cutting slack? That right there I can tell you're not a fan of the show because as an actual fan I can clearly see the sheer hate this show receives week to week in comment sections around the web.

So bottom line is if you don't like the character nor the spy aspect it's no wonder you don't care for the show. I do appreciate you stating your reason though it's extremely annoying routinely just seeing "This show sucks." without any sort of reasoning. (Should mention I hate this for just about anything not just AOS)

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@maccyd: Oh I know that's why when I say that I'm mainly talking about comments. Last week AOS had better ratings then Flash, Gotham, and Arrow on IGN. I just don't want AOS to be one of those shows that gets canceled because people didn't watch it, then a couple years those haters actually watch it then realize it was actually pretty good for a show that didn't have big named character from the comics pushing it along.

I mean how many shows can you name that have absolutely horrible first seasons only to get another season and become freaking awesome. (Parks and Rec springs to mind) AOS at least had the benefit of having a pretty awesome 2nd half.

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#57 Posted by deadcool_XD (2503 posts) - - Show Bio

I have to say this season of Agents of Shield is showing some promise. In my opinion it is not as good as the Flash or Gotham, but this season of Agents of Shield is much better than the last season. I like how they are showing more action and superpowers.

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#58 Posted by amazing_webhead (9820 posts) - - Show Bio

Just like what they did with Winter Soldier

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@fallschirmjager: @tony_shark:

I like the show, but I can absolutely see the problems in it. If you google the Forbes article on the Trailer Leak, they explain why Marvel missed their chance to save the show. Also it's going to be a harsh embarrassment for them. They really jumped the gun on pulling the trigger on the Agent Cartet series when they can't even get AOS off the ground. A lot of people stopped watching after the first 5 episodes. I hung in there, but I really wanted I watch it.

The problem with the show is they started out with those 2 very annoying science kids. All of the agents should have been older people like Ward and May. Only sky should have been the young noob. Instead they had 3 technobabble characters, that's gross overkill.

Only reason 3 scientists thing works on flash is because one of them is a villain and one of them is a possible love interest for Barry.

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@maccyd said:

@feartheliving: You'd swear with some responses that AOS was comparable to the Room.

Loading Video...

The Room>>>AoS

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I wonder how people can bag on AoS like, that but then I remember I feel the same way about Arrow. It sounds like there's people who like that show.

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Nah I'll wait to see it another time.. This show sucks!

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#68 Edited by teddy_the_god_killer (346 posts) - - Show Bio

The fundamental flaw in these shows is that a hero in a weekly programme running for so many episodes has to basically fight a villain an episode. Smallville pushed the limits and scraped home. Even X-files managed it through the freedom of being able to make things up. Only street levellers work because there is more for them to do. Imagine Supes with a weekly TV show, it would suck. These programmes are merely for generating Ad revenue and market penetration. Some of us have a tendency to view things from a "Comic Fan" perspective, which I believe is only a small, even tiny, percentage of viewership of a superhero programme, and when compared to general viewing figures it's even less. Imagine if AoS got the figures of one of the talent shows!!!

AoS biggest let down was built in...basing it in S.H.I.E.L.D. removed the superheroes. Would it have hurt to have a few more have introduced other heroes before they got their own shows? Wasted opportunities. Marvel...great comics...great films...crappy TV.

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