Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Thor Posters for Avengers: Age of Ultron Revealed

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Three more posters from the upcoming May 1st Avengers: Age of Ultron have made their way to the net. Earlier this week, we saw the poster for Hulk and for the entire Avengers team. Today, on Sam Jackson's Twitter page, posters for Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Thor were revealed. Check them out!

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The only thing that looks like it changed, when it comes to the costumes is the neon blue stripes on Black Widow's outfit and the little bit of red on her wrist. What do you think about the posters and can you spot anything new? Avengers: Age of Ultron is slated to hit theaters on May 1st, 2015.

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Don't the glowy bits kinda defeat one of the purposes of a black bodysuit? hopefully she can turn that off when she's stealthing.

Other than that... They're just them standing sideways lookin' at stuff. OK.

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I'm gonna guess that Widow is wearing some kind of suit that enhances her strength. Don't know how else she's gonna fight the Ultrons.

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So Black Widow is Tron now?

Still an improvement over her previous costume.

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Looks good

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@the_stegman: They could reveal that she received a super soldier serum like in the comics.

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So Widow's going to have her "widow's bite" in this movie? Better late then never i guess.

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All look better than that rather generic crowd poster released a few days ago. It was cool looking in the first film's poster but at least they spaced everyone out well with cool poses.

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Check out these posters that show nothing from the movie.

(see what I did there?)

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@crystalmaster: To be honest I like that they have built it up, there was little reason for her to have this before (except in the Avengers but even then she had the starting point to it)

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Love that surfing pose Ultron by Black Widows elbow.

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Looks awesome

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o how comic book movies love their blue glowy things..

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@the_stegman said:

I'm gonna guess that Widow is wearing some kind of suit that enhances her strength. Don't know how else she's gonna fight the Ultrons.

Loading Video...

I like Black Widow hope Joss Whedon can make her actions believable...

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I am really interested to find out what nick fury is up to since we last saw him in AoS. With Coulson running whats left of shield, has fury been setting up S.W.O.R.D.?

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Black widows suit is awesome.

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I don't like the graffitied "A" on these posters.

They don't really show us anything cool. Those are just generic action movie posters...

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I still wish they went with red glow instead of blue.

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@the_stegman: They could reveal that she received a super soldier serum like in the comics.

I feel like that would take away from a lot of what makes Cap special in the movies then. She's already the team's Smart Person (well, Tony is the Techy-Smart Person. Natasha is the Manipulate-Villain-Into-Giving-Away-Plan-In-Conversation kind of Smart). If you give her that AND make her physically just as good as Cap, then Cap is just reduced to Patriotic-Leadership-Shield-Guy.

Cap is the Super Athlete and Inspiring Leader guy.
Tony is the Counter Leadership, Techy Smart, and sort of General Utility (flight, energy blasts, etc) guy.
Thor takes the Strong Guy and Fish-Out-Of-Water roles.
Hulk is just Strongest There Is. But he's also Dumb so he doesn't overshadow Thor's usefulness.
Natasha is Smart Deadly Assassin. Not as powerful as the rest, but she was the one who figured out how to close the portal while all the guys were just running around and punching aliens.
Hawkeye, despite being one of my favorite comic characters, hasn't had a chance to show his real usefulness in the movies yet. So for now let's just call him part Utility Guy (lots of trick arrows) and part Smart Assassin Guy (got a high view of the battle and helped coordinate everyone else's attacks). Let's hope he gets a more defined role in AoU.

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Generic posters.

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The glowing tubing on Black Widow's costume is not tactically sound.

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Her costume looks cool. I like how they keep evolving their designs. Plus its great reference for fan art, or artists doing their own concept art for their portfolios.

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Now that Black Widow is a Tron, she can fight UlTron.

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@galacticfork: I heard that suit now stores electricity to calm down The Hulk when it´s need. But i agree for doing spy task, would be useless since would give her localization away,

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Widow's suit is really quite the improvement from the one from the first movie...Here's hoping for the Widow's Bite.

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oh my god Scarjo

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I love when ScarJo looks at me like I've been a very naughty boy.

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I think the fake background clashes with the real life actors.

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I thought Fury ditched the eye patch for shades

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I like the suit for BW.

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Better then the first posters they released.

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@kaang_the_watcher: I see what you're saying, but I think it's annoying to weaken her just to make Captain America look better. Even then, it wasn't really the same thing (super serum is kinda a short-hand, sorry), and it kinda varies from writer to writer. It is less extreme than what Captain America got, (it slowed her aging and made her heal faster), so it wouldn't take away from Captain America, but it could flesh out her backstory and she can talk about more than her stupid ledger. (Full disclosure: I just want Natasha to be one of the black widow trainees shown in Agent Carter)

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I say the Tron esque of Natasha's costume really looks good.

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Black widow will look like a stick figure while being in the dark.

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@kritikalmassx said:

Widow's suit is really quite the improvement from the one from the first movie...Here's hoping for the Widow's Bite.

Yeah, those gauntlets look like the Widow's Bite to me, that's would be a nice improvement.

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Mmmm scarlett johanson...

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While Black Widow's suit may not be the best from a tactical standpoint, I guess it'll work for something(Widow's Bite maybe ?). And hell even if it's not at least it looms cool.

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man i can't wait for the movies plus when it comes out in MAA (Marvel Avengers Alliance) i'm 99.9% of sure they will add those outfits

plus Scarlett Johansson look gorgeous like always even due she is pregnant.

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These all look amazing. I am getting more and more excited for this film.

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Widow's suit is killer here *__* I wanna see what that iteration of the Widow's Bite looks like in action, just from the brief look, I think I like the design of the ones she had in Cap 2 better.

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@mercy_: What the hell is black widows bite?

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