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    School and Heroes

    Story: Osborn capture six teenagers and tortures them until they release there powers. The Avengers then form a team to help the kids on a road to heroism.


    The story mostly combines teen drama with superhero stuff. Christos Gage takes the stress of teen lives and converts into half of the story. To me being a superhero is more of a lifestyle instead of something that can be taught. All of the kids have a apparently normal backstory until there powers manifest causing havok. Although, the book talks about more teen drama and humor than it does action. Also most teen can relate to the story. Although it could use more action, although it's good for the first volume. It's a comic that a teen (13-16) could get into.

    My Options:

    *I like the art Mike McKone did, but it was a little too dark in the first couple of issues, but it was still really good.

    *I didn't agree with the art of issue 5 by Jorge Molina.

    *There should be more of a balance between the drama and action .

    *I would have made Avengers Academy more like X-Men with teen drama and teen superheroes.

    *I think the Avengers Academy should go out on patrol so they'd have more experience (i.e. Amazing Spider-Man 661 and 662).


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