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Issue 6 of Avengers Academy wich follows Reptil. 
The Story:We start with Humberto (Reptil's real name) when he was a child and his parents want him to become to paleontologist but they do say that he can become whatever he wants.In the present Reptil is elected class presented and isn't sure if he is ready for the job and wonders if Finesse and Quicksilver are having an affair.In Pym's lab he is explaining to Reptil that when he shape shifts he becomes smaller and since he can't become big dinosaurs and could become a smaller one's and the necklace that give's his powers has embeded into his skin.Pym used a diagnostic ray of his Pym Particles to let him grow bigger but he suddenly gets a flashback to the prehistoric age and shots of a bunch of dinosaurs.Pym says that he wont continue experimenting unless he gets Voodoo or Strange.In Reptiles bedroom Finesse does not like the idea of being his girlfriend and tells him that Quicksilver is teaching her.On "Press Day" reporters ask questions to Speedball and I will talk about what he says in the good.Also Hawkeye says that the students will be heroes and they will get hooked and wont become evil.Also Reptil see's that he doesn't need to talk to reporters and tries to help his teammates to become heroes and there is a scene with Hazmat saying that they need to get Osborn since he is being moved to a different prison but Mettle says that she is crazy but Reptil thinks this is about a relationship between them and they are really pissed at him.Also Reptil eavesdrop on the Finesse's and Quicksilver's trainig session and Pietro explains that Magneto was a master at "Microexpressions".Also in Reptil's first mission in the field they fight Mentallo and Reptil goes full dinosaur on him.Back in the mansion Tigra has an idea.They send him to see Jessica Jones (Luc Cage's wife) and she talks about her experience of being controlled by Purple and how she lives trough it and Reptil opens up more about his sadness when he learned that Osborn lied about his parents still being alive. 
The Good:We learn more about Reptils past and his worries about being the leader of the team and his angst fells the most natural out of all the team but Mettle is still my favorite member.As I mentioned above Speedball was asked by a reporter about how is approval rating is way up ever since the Stamford incident and he says that if Osborn taught him one good thing is that action speaks louder than words.The scene between Hazmat and Mettle was really funny.Also it is pretty cool that we finally have some progression on the Finesse/Quicksilver subplot.And the final scene with Jessica and Humberto was really touching and very insightfull on her situation when she was under his controll.This really shows that Christos Cage knows his character history and finally the coloring is finally isn't so dark. 
The Bad:While I did like the scene with Finesse and Quicksilver it seemed very forced.This may be because Cage can't really have many runinng sub-plots at the same time but he getting better.Also as a quick note in the second page we see the students applauding for Reptil and Finesse is not holding anything but on the next page she has cake and I never saw a shot of a cake.I think this is was weird. 
The Verdict:This issue  was really good and since we are finally done with introducing the characters and things will hopefully go much smoother in the future.This series has immense potential and I really hope this will continue for a long time.This is a buy.

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