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Avengers Academy #39 Review

Avengers Academy #39 Review


The series closes with the students graduating.

The Good:

The story is alright, compared to some other issues in the series though, it is not as good as it could be. There was a lot of fluff that didn’t do much other than fill pages. For some reason or another, the story just didn’t resonate with me very well, one of the main plusses is that a lot of plot lines are closed here and that is always nice to see.

The writing from Christos Gage is pretty good, it isn’t his best but it is good. The dialogue is what one would expect from the series, well-paced and has enough teenage awkwardness to be believable.

The art from Tom Grummet is once again excellent and a major contributor to the issue.

The Bad:

One of the big problems is that there is a lot of things happening that didn’t need to happen now and could have been taken care of sooner, and thus gave the issue a drawn out feel. Things like Lightspeed and Karolina Dean’s relationship, something that hasn’t been touched in thirteen issues gets a spot and Striker finally ignoring his mother for once. Another thing that seemed unnecessary was Mettle and Hazmat consummating their relationship, while it showed growth; it felt a little forced-because-it-was-the-final-issue type of thing.

The other problem with the issue was that once again, the students are angry and confront the teachers because they are the “next Masters of Evil.” While this is true for some reason it seemed to take the students back and pull away at the character growth that they have experienced by having them start that argument again. Sure, it is an important part of the series, but to have them still bring it up and have it justified seemed like a step in the wrong direction after seeing them come together and get along with the teachers so well in the last several issues.


A good story with strong art is ruined by little character growth. The dialogue is good and the plot (graduating) is good along with the art but the attempt at coming full circle really misfired. It wasn’t necessarily bad; it just wasn’t good compared to how good the series had shown it could be. This adds up to going out with a yell instead of going out with a bang.

3.5 out of 5

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