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Avengers Academy #37 Review

Avengers Academy #37 Review


The arc comes to a rather surprising end.

The Good:

The story had an end that is a little surprising. Finesse and X-23 take a rather surprising course of action and it pays off because it is plausible and makes a good story. While it was obvious in the beginning that the plan would blow up in Briggs’ face, it was fairly interesting to see it play out.

The writing by Christos Gage is very good, better than the last issue. The story is well paced and it ties up loose ends and the dialogue is good.

The art by Tom Grummett is top notch but it is the colors by Chis Sotomayor that really stuck out. With all of the action that takes place, they really flow with the story and the art and make the story a little better.

The Bad:

Right at the end there is the classic exchange of “They can go back to their old lives now.” “No, no they can’t.” While yes going through this would be make someone different, Mettle and Hazmat are back to where they started, so no change there, Lightspeed, X-23, and Reptil really didn’t have anything change from except some power troubles in the middle; Veil is cured but she was at the start and wanted it so no change there either. That leaves Striker and Finesse. Striker wound up with a bunch of lightning shaped scars on his face and they look not that bad plus there is surgery and stuff. Out of all of them, only Finesse did anything life changing and she doesn’t really have empathy or emotions so she has like a fifty-fifty shot at being messed up. The line felt like a last minute attempt to be dramatic and show that “grown-ups don’t care” and it was totally unnecessary. Something more meaningful should have happened there.


A good end to the story and while the end was not my favorite, it was a personal thing. Any fan of the series would enjoy this issue, seeing the team work together a lot is really nice and Finesse’s actions are a nice addition to the story.

4 out of 5

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