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Avengers Academy #34 Review

Avengers Academy #34 Review


The Academy students get some life changing developments dealing with their powers

The Good:

This is a AvX tie-in without being a tie-in; meaning that this is a self-contained Avengers Academy story while AvX is still going on and referenced, which is cool. As for the story, it is all right, it is the culmination of several plot lines that were started a while ago and they come together here; in particular the lines with Jeremy Briggs, Veil, and Jocasta trying to save the world their way without heroes and villains, being all “progressive”.

The writing here is good, Christos Gage is always consistent in his level of writing and this is no different. There is a lot of exposition because it has been a while since many of these characters have been seen; the dialogue in the context of the story is good even if the story isn’t.

The art by Tom Grummett is as good as ever, the issue has a lot of different characters and emotions in it and he does a good job of differentiating them. Since it does not say otherwise, I assume he also drew the cover and it is pretty awesome.

The Bad:

Jeremy Briggs is a terrible character. I really can’t think of any other to express my opinion of him, everything about him is just obvious. When he first was introduced to the series there was a 50/50 shot if he would go villain or not but once he introduced the S.P.I.N. tech from the civil war, it was obvious what was going to happen. Call me old fashioned but his idea of “no heroes or villains just people who earned it” and being “progressive” is really annoying. It was kind of hard to believe that only Reptil was the only student who really was skeptical of his motivations the whole time and that Briggs believed that everyone would always listen to him (the last two pages). While the dialogue wasn’t bad in context, the story didn’t really fire on all pistons. I really find it hard to believe that Reptil was the only skeptic until the “twist” and that Briggs trusts his underlings so implicitly.

I guess with some of the previous stories that Gage has written, I expected a little more

Maybe I am reading too much into it and seeing things that aren’t there but sometimes this book, and this issue in particular, seems really political. The story itself isn’t but the characters are speaking in a very leftist or liberal manner. I remember reading something about Gage wanting to make new characters that are not just rehash of other characters so what about a nice (not villainous/evil) conservative character? This undertone really won’t impact the score of the issue but I was wondering if any other readers got this sense.


Good dialogue and art try to hold up an obvious plot. There is no real mystery or tension here, if you have been reading the series consistently, it has been better and this story is a bit of a miss from Gage, who has been consistently good up until now. New readers might be a little thrown off because this picks up plot threads from the story before the one before AvX.

3 out of 5

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