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Avengers Academy #34 Review 0

Avengers Academy #34 ReviewOverview:The Academy students get some life changing developments dealing with their powersThe Good:This is a AvX tie-in without being a tie-in; meaning that this is a self-contained Avengers Academy story while AvX is still going on and referenced, which is cool. As for the story, it is all right, it is the culmination of several plot lines that were started a while ago and they come together here; in particular the lines with Jeremy Briggs, Veil, and Jocasta trying t...

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Whatever 0

The Good - Basicly the first few pages with Mettle still having powers. It was also nice to see him normal, but a flashback could do this as well.I like that Hazmat became normal, her being mad at the world was done to death and now it's an interesting change.The Bad - A lot, but I don't give a flying f*ck. They sodomized and butchered the book by taking out the best character - Mettle. Now the book is just a piece od sh*t....

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