pspin's Avengers Academy #32 - What the Heart Wants, Part 1 review

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Avengers Academy #32 Review

Avengers Academy #32 Review


Phoenix Emma comes to the Academy to destroy the Sentinel, it does not go smoothly.

The Good:

I’ll admit I had my doubts about the Phoenix Five and how they would be handled by the people on the receiving end of their action after reading AvX 6 and The best part about this issue is that the Academy, a bunch of kids (plus Ant Man), stand up to them. This is another X-23 intensive issue since she is a mutant living with the Avengers and that is awesome, seeing her stick to her convictions in the face of Phoenix Emma is really cool. This issue really reminded me why she is my favorite character in the Marvel Universe.

Christos Gage once again knocks it out of the park with writing again. Hazmat, even though she only has a few lines really stands out. He is also able to capture the spirit of Marjorie Liu’s run on X-23 and makes very direct parallels to what X-23 went through in the series and it is really nice to see a writer draw so heavily from another one instead of ignoring or twisting it to fit their own needs. This issue also brings Juston Seyfert to the forefront with his Sentinel; since he was primarily a background character before it is really nice to see him become a legitimate character with his own personality.

Timothy Green III’s art is good; it is different from Tom Grummett’s but it pretty good.

The Bad:

With a heavy focus on X-23 and Juston the rest of the cast doesn’t really have much panel time. Hazmat makes the most of hers and White Tiger reveals an interesting fact but other than that the other students aren’t there much. Gage still makes it work but anyone who is a fan of seeing the whole cast work together will be disappointed.

There is also a panel in where Striker runs up to X-23 and Hazmat to tell them some news. In the panel, the words he speaks convey fear and worry but his face is drawn angry, it is not a big deal but causes a double take.


A god X-23 story and seeing Juston’s character be developed is really cool. The writing is amazing while the art is good; this combines to make a great issue that is once again a great tie-in while still focusing on the regular characters of the book not being crazy.

4.5 out of 5

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