pspin's Avengers Academy #31 - Protective Services, Part 3 review

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Avengers Academy #31 Review

Avengers Academy #31 Review


The Academy kids and the X-Kids finally part ways to end this tie-in arc of AvX

***WARNING: there are some minor spoilers, I would advise to read the issue before this***

The Good:

First off this was the best AvX related book that I read this week, it blew AvX 5 and Uncanny X-Men 13 out of the water for one simple reason: it made sense! The other two books were alright but they suffered from a choppy narrative and motivations that are murky at best, especially with the X-Men all drinking Cyclops’ Kool-Aid. Here though it is different, while the X-Kids believe that the world is in fact against them; they aren’t going off the deep end crazy about it and while they are fighting, it isn’t their first resort, they try to talk about it; there are misunderstandings between the two groups but what else would you expect from a bunch of teenagers when one group feels slighted, add superpowers into the mix and you have a lit blow torch in a room full of gun powder.

This level of realism does this issue massive amounts of good and turns what could have been a terrible tie-in into a great tie-in and arguably better than the main issue also released this week. Christos Gage once again does an excellent job characterizing all of the major players and giving them page time, X-23, who has been a major focus, stays in the background until she is needed but when she comes to the front, it has meaning and impact on the others. All in all the writing is superb and once again Gage has done an excellent job.

Tom Grummet’s art is once again superb and really is a perfect complement to Gage’s writing in both style and tone.

The last two pages in particular with Loa and the students is just a great combination of art and writhing coming together to end a story

Hercules is absolutely hilarious and brings a great amount of humor that is sorely needed in the main AvX series and it makes the book that much more fun.

The Bad:

Nothing major, but a few little things were slightly bothersome. First was what happened to Shaw, he just leaves and no one bats an eye, while it kind of fit, it seemed odd. Second was an art detail, while I am no expert on Islam nor Muslim traditions I didn’t think that the Burka that dust wears is supposed to be form fitting and it looked weird in the panels she was in and it was apparent. Not a big deal but it piqued my interest.

I wish that Veil was still in the Academy so she could fight Dust; that would be a cool fight.


Overall a good ending to a good tie-in arc and a good Avengers Academy story, getting them to interact with others there age is definitely something that should have happened sooner but it is good that it did. Anyone who likes the series should definitely read this and if you stopped because it is an AvX tie-in correct this mistake and read one of the best tie-ins on the shelf.

5 out of 5

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