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Avengers Academy #30 Review

Avengers Academy #30 Review


While the staff hunts for Shaw, X-23 tries to figure out where she stands and the rest of the kids fight.

The Good:

This was an X-23 centric issue and it was awesome. I really like her interactions with Finesse because they both have an emotionless objective outlook on life and it is cool seeing two characters hold true to that and interacting. The Hazmat/X-23 conversation was cool, it picks up a plot thread that hasn’t been touched lately and it provides a bit of closure.

Christos Gage’s writing continues to capture the personalities of each student and make them separate people’ Tom Grummett’s art is also great. These two make a truly formidable creative team.

The Bad:

As good as the parts with the students are; the parts with the staff fighting Shaw were not that great. Having him beat Madison Jefferies and Tigra, that is possible even if he is amnesic; but Hercules? Come on, the guy is a Greek god; his use of equipment seemed like a stupid cop out and bugged me.

As an AvX tie in, this is not the best, but it is an excuse to see the X-kids. The X-kids, led by the troublemaker Surge start a fight and the Academy students simply try to do what they are told and the whole concept of mutant/human speciesism really lost its appeal when AvX started and Cyclops became a total a-hole and this just makes you root for the Avengers even more.


4 out of 5

This is a solid issue that is a good issue of Avengers Academy that is bogged down a little by an alight AvX tie in. even though some parts are bad, it still has a spark form Gage and Grummett that refuses to die.

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