pspin's Avengers Academy #29 - Protective Services, Part 1 review

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Avengers Academy #29 Review

Avengers Academy #29 Review


The X-kids are brought to the Academy to wait out AvX.

The Good:

The writing once again, was great; one of my favorite aspects about this series is how Christos gage is able to incorporate nearly everyone in some way or another and how if they are not featured prominently in an issue they usually appear soon. This issue has many guest appearance, most notable the X-kids and Hercules. The opening with Hercules is absolutely hilarious in an awkward sense and Tom Grummett’s pencils are able to make the students faces priceless. Hercules in general was hilarious but oddly important to the plot, it would be interesting if he showed up more; the personality and cultural differences between immortal Greek god and modern day teenager can, has, and will lead to funny situations.

Another great thing about this issue is the interaction between the students and the X-kids and how the team develops even though there are many guests in the issue, it never becomes crowded. Recently I wrote a short blog about how X-23 could really help the students in many ways and in this issue it seems my thoughts have been addressed. X-23 is in a very interesting position because all of her old friends show up and she has to deal with them. It is great how Gage is able to capture the essence of the last X-23 series and still demonstrate character growth with her along the same lines. She also has a very cool conversation with Finesse and it is eerie how similar the characters are, I honestly never noticed before. Another great thing that Gage did was keep the characterizations of the Generation Hope team very close to the way they were in their recently cancelled series. All in all the writing was very good with the kids.

Tom Grummett is back after a two issue break as the penciler and I am a fan, it is not the absolute best I have ever seen but it fits the lightheartedness of the series while still being able capture emotion and the seriousness of the situation.

The Bad:

While bringing the X-kids to the Academy is a good idea, it seems slightly forced; While Captain America and Wolverine have good reasons to bring them, the kids could still stay on Utopia and be safe since none of the adults are there. Also with all of the super geniuses at the Academy, Sebastian Shaw’s situation seems unlikely for lack of a better word, keeping spoilers in mind.

Also while it is good seeing Wolverine being more than a stabbing healing rage man, all of the thoughts he voices about Cyclops and Schism seem like they would have fit better in Schism or Regenesis, not eight or nine months later in a completely unrelated book. Along the same line of thought some of his thoughts on the current AvX situation seem like they should go into the main AvX book instead of a tie in that less people will read or be exposed to.


This is a great, but unnecessary, tie in to AvX that probably will be self-contained. Any fan of the recently cancelled X-23 or Generation Hope series will enjoy the issue. This is also a decent spot for new readers as well as it touches on several recent developments. This all adds up to a fun read that any fan would enjoy.

4.5 out of 5

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