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And now I am less pissed off about issue #13.

Review for Avengers Academy #21.

The Story: The new academy has been set up and the students are worried they will be kicked out.

Thoughts: Right off the bat I am peeved with the fact that they are putting this is the first the first issue of a new era. That's not how that works, a new era is usually said when an established team is taken in a new direction by a new creative team, like when they went from the usual superhero team of the JLA and then the BWA-HA-HA-Ha years started, that's a new era of a team. But that doesn't mean this new direction isn't full of potential wich it does, there is an incredible sense of renewal after there pretty good Fear Itself tie-in. While the gimmick of bringing in basically all of the teen heroes in one place it does establish how they will be used in the future and im curious how it will play out. The scene of the team worrying about being kicked does work, there worries are well stated but the fight that breaks out between Mettle and Luke Cage was pushing it a bit far. But that scene does lead to a very nice moment with Hawkeye saying that karma is a funny thing, with a flashback to when he insulted Cap. Also the introduction of the new permanent students have me interested, I like Julie Power but I am instantly annoyed by the new White Tiger, the second thing she says just felt so freaking dumb, she tells Humberto that he needs to represent the superhero latino community better, this feels like commentary from Gage about how DC feels like they need to fill quota's for certain ethnicities to have a superhero. Also the twist at the end of the issue has me retract part of my negative comments from my review of issue #13.

The Verdict: While calling this a new era is so very wrong it does set up with tons of potential with a great twist at the end of the issue. And I like half of the new additions to the team. This is a buy.

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Posted By VenomMelendez

What Ava/WT was not commentary on DC or anything. It's just her being proud of her borthers Legacy, her own family and heritage.

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Posted By Cafeterialoca

I think that the new era thing was to tell new readers that "This is a good time to jump on". It's actually a very good idea to get new readers.

And it kinda is a new era. New school, new teachers, new students. Coming from a book where the six kids didn't interact with other heroes much, that is a new era for the book.

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