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Avengers Academy lost in underspace! (I think)

Avengers Academy #17
Ok so the battle picks up right where it left off in last issue and the students keep destroying these mecha robots and killing the people that control them. The battle is over in Washington D.C. Falcon randomly comes over and tells them that Bucky is dead. Tigra takes the students home and uses the dimensional door to be with Hank. Titania and Absorbing Man find a way to use their powers so they can get to the Infinite Avengers Mansion and attack the students! Each member in their own way talks about how killing someone on the battlefield affected them. After everyone's individual conversations, AM and Titania break in and attack the students! The last page shows the mansion exploding in underspace!
I've said this about past issues of Avengers Academy and I'll say it again, Gage really handles death well in this series. I love how each student takes into deep consideration the lives they took even though it was in war. Each student somewhat had different reasons or feelings about killing the nazis but that's what makes this book so good! That each student is so different from each other. I also like Hazmat and Mettle's relationship. Being that they're condition is far different from the other students, they're able to touch each other and it's a really cool concept.  I also like that the students are progressively handling bigger battles! Like the battle that's about to take place next issue.
Art: I really do enjoy the art. Chen's drawing is so good and emotional. The coloring has been exactly the same for most of the series and I like that I know what to expect issue after issue. The action scenes were drawn very well in this issue! I decided to move my opinion on action scenes to the art section of my reviews from now on!
The BAD!
Even though stuff happened in this issue I sometimes feel like nothing's going on. I like the deep conversation parts but sometimes they take up most of the issue and that bothers me. What I also don't like are Absorbing man and Titania. They just don't interest me and sometimes I get confused about what they're saying. Also this underspace thing confused me a little. 
This issue was pretty good. This a good issue for certain character development I'd say among Veil and Mettle, and maybe even Hazmat. I say pick it up! 4 out of 5!

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