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I have been reading a lot about death lately.

Review of Avengers Academy #17. 
The Story: The students get to breath a little but get attacked by Titania and Absorbing Man. 
The Good: I liked in the beginning where the AA are fighting one of the mechs working as a team, this shows how much they grew up in this short time and them being treated with respect with Falcon when he tells them that Bucky is dead shows how much people believe them with the good job they did protecting civilians. The down time with the characters is interesting because all of them have killed nazi's in the mech suits and each of them deal with it differently. Mettle is worried this path will lead him to become a killer, Hazmat wasn't even aware taht she was doing it, Veil seems almost accepting of what she did, Reptile and Finesse aren't sure about it and Stryker is fine with it too because he was protecting civilians and he wasn't about to runaway from them. Also it's nice to see Reptile stepping up as class leader. The fighting featured here was nice. 
The Bad: Im not going to blame Gage for having Creel and Mary talking normally and not in runic because Fraction has done a poor job of properly setting up what The Worthy are supposed to be. Apparently there spirits are inside the hammers and when they find a host they take over them but apparently it didn't work on Creel because he hates Pym, wich makes no sense. Also Hazmat calling Veil a killer was uncalled for. 
The Verdict: This is a good issue with a lot of talk of death from the perspective of teenagers but the poor establishement of what The Worthy by Fraction does hurt it. This is a buy.

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