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The Fear keeps growing!

Avengers Academy #16
I know that everyone has probably seen the image of hazmat, mettle, finesse, and two new students! I just wanna say I cannot wait to see that unfold and that was personally my favorite piece of news from Marvel's Next Big thing! I'm excited to see why Striker, Reptil, and Veil aren't students anymore. Ok so this issue is just a continuation of Avengers Academy caught in Fear itself. Hank, Justice, and Quick Silver are fighting against Absorbing Man and Titania while the students try and fight off the Sin's robot invasion in Washington D.C. The battle between Hank and Absorbing man is the main focus in this part of the story and its mainly just a struggle until he finds a way to get Titania and Absorbing man away from city. He calls Jocasta and she sets up the dimensional door which sends Absorbing Man and Titania to another place. In Washington the students are mainly trying to keep civilians safe. Veil sees a little girl in particular and tries to save her mom from the rubble of a building. Unfortunately after Veil saves her the mom is shot by a gunman machine and Veil becomes a little vigilante and kills the guy in the machine! WHOA! Who knew little town Veil would do something so crazy!
What I mainly enjoyed this issue is how certain characters used their powers. Hank calling Jocasta to use the dimension door on AM and Titania was really cool. I like how he thinks of the people in the city and he's looking out for them while stopping the villains. What I also loved was Veil's scene. I loved seeing Veil use her powers to help the little girl's mom. I was really shocked to see Veil kill the guy in the machine after he shot the little girl's mom. Veil's revenge there was totally unexpected and I really liked seeing a shy girl like her do something like that. Also the element of chance is used perfectly in this issue. Innocent people's fate is left to chance in war and the little girl's mom was killed by chance. I thought she was gonna live and be with her daughter but then the guy shot her. Very crazy!
Art: This art was great in this issue! I enjoyed the scenes of Hank fighting AM and I really liked how Raney drew Veil using her powers. The cover was very good as well.
The BAD!
I am gonna be totally hones, I don't like Fear Itself in general. It just seems like it's engulfing almost every Marvel title in it's path. These Fear-Itself tie-in's have had absolutely nothing monumental to the plot of Fear Itself. It's all just a money making gimmick. All I see her in Avengers Academy is the students trying to save people and Hank fighting one of the holders of the hammer. It just seems Fear Itself is going no where. A small detail in this book bothered me, which was the water was colored green. So the only art part that I had an issue with was the coloring.
I don't know if there are any of you out there hunting down all of the Fear Itself tie-ins because if you are there are like a million of there! If your going to buy this thinking it's so critical to Fear Itself then don't waste your time or money. But I say pick it up if you've always been an Avengers Academy fan! 4 out of 5!

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