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I really like this cover.  I don't know what it is about the sinister six that I like so much, maybe it's the amount of power that they could honestly attain if they were all as smart as Otto, but this cover makes them look very empowering.  Awesome!

The Good:

For some odd reason, I really like the Sinister Six.  If written right, as they are here by the great Gage, they can be a force not be trifled with.  The team aspect of these villains has always been awesome, I just wish they were the Sinister Seven and they also had Vulture to add another layer to their missions (since he can occupy the air)... I digress.  It's not often that I say this, but it is extremely cool to see cocky teens get put back in place from time to time, and this issue makes it to where some of these characters may see things in a different way.  I would go as far as to say that this a pretty defining issue for the Academy, and that it is all because they took the Electro for granted.  

The Bad:

As other reviewers have pointed out, and after discussing this with a lot of friends, some of these characters just seemed like they were acting out of place.  In addition, I have to say that Striker, while an interesting character in some panels, is mostly pretty annoying and indispensable.  There's something about his cocky nature that makes me just want to bitch slap him, but maybe Gage has put him there for this exact same kind of response, so I can't say that I fault him for it.  The main bad thing about this issue was the reactions on some of the members of the Academy seeming out of place, but this wasn't anything too distracting.


This is a very good feature of the awesome Sinister Six, and I can see this as having some important repercussions for the group later on.  Without giving too much away, this issue really brings down some of the egotistical characteristics found in these teens, and hopefully the events of this issue teaches them some humility.


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