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It's got it's good and bad points...

I've been really back and forth on this series. The characters, at least those of the students, feel really inconsistent from issue to issue, except Striker(who's main personality trait is "all douche, all the time") and Finesse. That said, this book was really interesting in parts. Finesse, in particular, continues to be the MVP of this book, showing us little glimpses of possible future heroes, including, most notably, what looks to be the daughter of Black Panther and Storm. Veil gets less likable as the book goes on, which I think is the point, but anyways.... Mettle and Hazmat get a nice, touching little scene near the end, and I'm glad that the book is showing at least SOME emotional growth from some of the characters. The Korvac story has been fun, and it's always interesting when Marvel gives us these little teasers of a possible future. Reptil continues to be dull as dishwater, but not a lot you can do to fix that. The art is all around fantastic. I'm just uncertain where this is all heading. Obviously to a "villain" turn for at least one of the kids, but it's hard to point out which one. The extra-douchey Striker? The well meaning, but psychotically intrusive busybody Veil? The only ones I'm certain WON'T be the villains are Reptil, just because Marvel seems to want him to be a mascot character if Super Hero Squad is anything to go by, and Finesse, because it just seems too obvious. I'm sticking around on this book, but it needs to wow me in the next few issues by having the kids learn a lesson and actually letting it STICK.

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