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    All Powered Up

    Story: Carina turns the Avengers Academy into their adult forms and increase their powers. The team then battles Korvac and the adult form of Striker is murder turning back into the present Striker who is scared by Korvac and runs away. After with her new powers Hazmat defeats Korvac with anti-matter and the team is turned back to normal except for Reptil for some reason. Pym then investigate the cause but doesn't find an answer when Carina vanishes. Tigra then talks to Striker about him running away. Later, Mettle and Hazmat then soften up to each in the lounge. Veil is cured of her dying conflict but keeps her powers
    The issue was a good ending to the previous issue with the end of Korvac. We also see Striker's afraid side and Hazmat being more kind with Mettle. Veil solves her dying conflict.
    How can Hazmat's suit generate Anti-Matter. I unbelieve how the AA's Hazmat could beat Korvac so easy.
    4/5 nice work Christos Gage and Tom Raney. 

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