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A Day Off

While this issue is more focused on Veil and Hazmat, the first one trying to atone for her mistakes and bad judgment (joining the party to kick the Hood´s ass), the second one is looking for a way out, for hope of being normal again, able to touch somebody without killing everyone around her (it feels like a Rogue thing, but more tragic), there´re plenty of lessons for the teachers too, in special Robbie Baldwin, the Speedball - Gage brings the so commom thread of Stamford´s disaster to the table, trying to show that he´s ok with it and that people can make mistakes and learn with them - to be honest this whole Stamford thing is getting a little boring (especially because it´s a theme of a story in Fear Itself: The Home Front), but I think Gage managed to bring that up and keep it contained, since he introduced other elements in this issue too - but the main story was about Baldwin and Veil - I loved Sean Chen´s art, he´s so good, it´s very nice seeing him in action again, haven´t seen his work for a while now, just a gig here and there. The best thing about this issue is the dialogues, the way the students tease with one another and say what they think to the teachers, like Hazmat to Hank (I laughed a lot) - this issue was great because it was about character´s development, though Veil is becoming a little boring, maybe too repetitious and over explored, so Gage must focus on other characters, like Mettle and Reptil - still this was a fantastic issue, highly recommended!
4.5 out 5

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